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ConcernedMammy Mon 28-Aug-17 12:25:10

Hi, so I went for an early scan at 6 week and 5 days due to spotting which was brown but only on and off. When scanning there was nothing in the sac which could mean miscarriage or could be because I'm too early on to detect anything, however the nurse said she could see bleeding round the sac and that a sack that big something should be seen and basically said to expect a miscarriage and she was quite insensitive which obviously upset me and I have to go back in 2 weeks to get a follow up scan to see what's what. I have had my hormone levels checked and they were 13002 and am due to have a follow up blood test tomorrow to see if the levels are rising or not, I can't stop thinking about what is going on and just wonder if anyone else has had this situation and what was your outcome? I have been bleeding/spotting but not a lot and only when I wipe, this pic is the worst it has been and that was this morning, please advise or share your stories, so I am kind of expecting the worst but so wish it is a good outcome this wait is horrendous 😰😭💔

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ConcernedMammy Mon 28-Aug-17 12:27:57

Sorry I forgot to say I am a Mammy of one gorgeous girl aged 2 and had a bad time with a section that took 8 month to close up so I wasnt sure if the bleed was from scar tissue what she could see on the scan, preying for a miricle I think but would love to go back on the 7th and something be there but I just don't know 😞

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ConcernedMammy Tue 29-Aug-17 06:57:18

Can anyone help?? confusedsad

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Cocoabean25 Tue 29-Aug-17 19:43:04

I don't have any advice but didn't want to read and run. How did the blood test go today? Got my fingers crossed for xxx

ConcernedMammy Tue 29-Aug-17 20:04:40

Hi coco bean well my result the other day was a nice Hugh reading and I had more bloods took today but don't get the result until Thursday, it's just so buzzard because I'm not bleeding a lot and it's only sometimes when I wipe not all the time, I just don't know how to think right now it's draining me 😭 a few people said they had early scans which showed nothing but 7 weeks might be too early to see and some people bleed in pregnancy so I just don't know 😰 thank you for responding, I wish people who have had similar experiences would so I can feel more at ease x

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ConcernedMammy Tue 29-Aug-17 20:05:11

I mean high reading x

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ConcernedMammy Wed 30-Aug-17 08:05:11

Well my hormone levels have dropped about 900 so I'm expecting the worst, roll on scan on 7th September so I know what's happening 😭

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ConcernedMammy Wed 30-Aug-17 08:05:56

Dropped from 13002 to 12099

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Thirtyrock39 Wed 30-Aug-17 08:09:28

Sadly I think there would usually be something to see in a scan at nearly 7 weeks sorry.

Singingforsanity Wed 30-Aug-17 08:15:26

I'm really sorry but this sounds like a miscarriage to me. I had one a few years ago and it was awful. My advice would be to let yourself grieve the baby whatever way you need to, I got the feeling people thought I was over-reacting because it was early on, but it was still my baby and I needed to grieve his/her loss. I bought a charm for my bracelet to remember him/her by which helped. Take care.

ConcernedMammy Wed 30-Aug-17 09:43:19

Only one more week of driving myself mad, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be but it's the not knowing that I don't like, I just don't understand how there's not much bleeding at all sometimes none 😞

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ConcernedMammy Thu 07-Sep-17 20:10:20

Well I did miscarry and had to have a surgical procedure today (awake) to get the remains of the sac out as it didn't all come away 😞

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WasM2B17 Thu 07-Sep-17 20:50:06

So sorry for your loss

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