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Feel like shit

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keeponrunning85 Fri 25-Aug-17 12:40:46

My best friend has just had her first baby.

I've had 4 miscarriages and don't feel like I'm ever going to get to send a picture of DH and I with our newborn. I'm sitting in the car crying and feeling like shit.

Just needed to say it to some people who might understand. That is all.

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purpleflower23 Fri 25-Aug-17 13:22:20

I'm so sorry. I understand completely. You're not alone. I've had 4 miscarriages too, no living children. My best friend's baby is due in 3 weeks and I'm dreading it. flowers brew cake xxx

ferntwist Fri 25-Aug-17 13:29:52

Hugs and 💐 to both. Hope you're not feeling too down for long and that soon it will be you (all of us!) with the happy news.

purpleflower23 Fri 25-Aug-17 14:07:49

Thanks ferntwist for your lovely message... let's keep looking for rainbows xxx

orangeowls Fri 25-Aug-17 14:16:37

So sorry for your loses ladies, I've experienced similar it can be so painful. A good friend had her baby a week before my miscarried baby was due. It's been very difficult watching her baby grow up. I hope you get your little ones soon. I've been blessed with my LO and I try to remember every day how lucky I am x

keeponrunning85 Fri 25-Aug-17 14:46:13

Thank you for your replies.

Knowing I'm not alone helps me to feel less guilty for feeling this way. Number 3 would have been due about 5 weeks ago and number 4 at the beginning of December.

I want to be able to be happier for her. She has been the most wonderful, supportive friend to me.

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BipBippadotta Fri 25-Aug-17 14:56:04

flowers for you, OP. It's just horrible isn't it. For years I felt like I was being kicked in the stomach every time I got a new baby announcement. It's nothing to feel guilty about. It's how you feel and it's totally understandable in the circumstances.

MrsMozart Fri 25-Aug-17 15:37:33

I'm sorry lass. I hope it happens for you very soon.

Anatidae Fri 25-Aug-17 15:40:10

Oh you poor thing, it's so hard sad

Friend at work got pregnant the same time I did and then of course I lost the baby. I am genuinely happy for her but it's hard to hear all her updates.

It's ok to be happy for her and sad for you - it's ok, honestly. She will know that if she's a good friend. Your sadness isn't at her, it's at your situation.

keeponrunning85 Fri 25-Aug-17 19:33:36

Thank you for helping me feel a bit more normal.

DH is out for the evening on a work do so have settled myself on the sofa for a good old cry, an M&S ready meal and an evening of trash TV.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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ferntwist Fri 25-Aug-17 22:19:55

Hope you've enjoyed your cosy evening in. Time is such a great healer X

kloodie Sun 27-Aug-17 13:52:08

I'm so sorry 😘 We've had 5 negative ivf cycles and 1 miscarriage and my best friend had a baby a few months ago and now doesn't speak to me and my other best friend has just told me she is pregnant.

It really is tough isn't it.

cry and scream and let it all out xxx

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