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Corpus luteum cyst and pain after miscarriage

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pommie7 Tue 15-Aug-17 11:29:56

I don't have an answer to your question unfortunately but I just wanted to say I've been getting the exact same pains. My MC was three weeks ago now and sometimes they go completely but most of the time they are there. Sometimes the pain feels like it goes right up under my ribs and round my back! From googling I found a lot of women with the same pains asking questions on message forums but no answers as to what the pains are. I may have to book into the doctors (although mine tend to be useless) and see if it could be cysts that are causing this pain for me too.

nesiben Mon 14-Aug-17 15:39:45


New to this site so please bear with me...

I had a very early miscarriage with retained products that took nearly 2 months to resolve. On the results of one of my scans the consultant wrote that I had a cystic left ovary (corpus luteum) which I thought explained the pain I had been feeling throughout. He didn't actually say anything to me about it and I only worked out what it was when googling what things were on my consultation notes afterwards. I was reassured by the NHS choices website that this was totally normal in early pregnancy and should resolve itself.

I am now 3 weeks on from my first post mc period (12 weeks on from mc) and I am still getting this pain. It comes and goes in waves but seems to be worse when I have a full bladder or bowel (sorry if TMI blush). Should I go back to my GP/EPU or am I worrying for no reason?

Thanks in advance!

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