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Has anyone else had failed medical management?

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Calcifer1 Mon 14-Aug-17 10:23:08

Hey ladies!

I sadly started light bleeding two weeks ago at 8+3, pregnancy was confirmed to have ended a week or so before with no baby in the sac, but my blood levels were much higher than expected but slowly dropping.

We left it just over a week to see if I would miscarriage naturally, but by Wednesday it hadn't happened and so I started medical management. I got the first lot of drugs to break down my lining and told to go home and rest up as I would get severe cramping but hopefully not bleeding. I then had to return on Friday to be admitted to have the drugs to open my cervix and start contractions. However, nothing seemed to happen after the first drugs, no cramping, the bleeding increase etc.

I went in on Friday morning, nil by mouth (just in case things didn't go well and I had to go to theatre), got given the option to have the drugs orally or vaginally. Chose oral route, and was told that things should start to happen around 4-6 hours later. It gave me horrendous diarrhoea and a very painful mouth, but nothing else happened. Cue second dose 6 hours later, vaginally. At this point they checked my cervix and it was still firm and not opening at all. Good news is that having the drugs vaginally didn't cause diarrhoea! (small mercies). Lots more waiting, nothing happened, no cramps, no heavy bleeding, NOTHING. I was eventually allowed to go home to my own bed at 11pm after being nil by mouth all day. Midwives hoped that it might happen overnight naturally, but consultant said to go back in the morning to repeat drugs.

Fast forward to exactly the same process the next day. By dose 4 of drugs, my cervix was still firm, not opening and not even a bloody twinge never mind a cramp. The consultant was concerned, the drugs normally do their job fairly well and certainly not like this. By Saturday evening, he'd had enough (as had I!) and I was whisked away to theatre for surgical evacuation. I am glad that the whole process was over and done with, it was an incredibly long and drawn out few days.

But really, I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? All the medical staff seemed to be certain that the drugs would work and were shocked when it didn't? Am I just a weirdo that's immune to the drugs? Or is it more common than appears? X

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Irish88 Mon 14-Aug-17 19:54:28

Hi Calcifer1, I had the medical management , however it did work for me. I was almost the same as you, MMC at 8+5 discovered at 9 after some spotting and cramps. Last Thursday i was given the oral tablets and like you they gave me a very dodgey tummy. It was not pleasant! Nothing else happened though. Then on Saturday I had them inserted internally. Two hours later I had the worst pain of my life. It only relented 5 hours later when i passed the sac. I had a scan today which confirmed i had passed my baby. I just want to say how sorry I am. Its such a crap situation. I hope that things get moving for you soon. I don't think the pain i had is very common. Have you been told when to go back?

Irish88 Mon 14-Aug-17 19:55:42

Oh i just seen you had the surgical evacuation! Hope you are recovering well.

cabanacabana Thu 17-Aug-17 17:26:22

Yes I had failed medical management

Chaby Thu 17-Aug-17 17:32:47

Happened to me, I ended up with a surgical procedure too.

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