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Just feel sad

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choochooo Fri 11-Aug-17 08:21:31

I've had 3 mcs this year now, plus a CP.

1 early mc about 4-5 weeks.
1 mmc at 10 weeks after HB seen at 7 weeks.
1 mc of twins at 7 weeks.

I'm so tired, so sad. I'm waiting a cycle now before ttc again and we have an appointment at RMC booked.

I just am not coping. I'm having counselling and acupuncture. Some days I feel ok but other days I just feel despair. I have a DS of 2 and we have been ttc no 2 for 16 months. All of my NCT group, friends with children same age are all pregnant again. I feel like I can't talk to anyone about this because no one understands.

I'm on support boards and I'm taking loads of supplements to prepare for next attempt, plus I've read all the books etc. I just have to wait now til the right time.

But I can't shake the sadness.

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niceandspicey Fri 11-Aug-17 11:08:59

Hi choo flowers
I am not surprised that you are feeling so sad and tired. I am really very sorry for your losses.
I have no advice as such, but wAnt to say that i am feeling for you.

physicskate Fri 11-Aug-17 17:03:59

Be kind to yourself... I am so sorry for your losses.

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