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Anyone else in possible miscarriage limbo?

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stumblymonkeyagain Sun 23-Jul-17 23:31:06

I had a scan last week at 6+1 and there was just an empty gestational yolk or fetal pole.

The sonographer said we may have our dates wrong (we definitely don't) as it's inkeeping with a 5wk pregnancy.

We're having a re-scan at the EPU on Thursday, having read a lot of other similar stories it seems to be a 50/50 split of people who went on to have a viable pregnancy suddenly appear and those who miscarried.

So we're somewhat stuck in limbo land for the time anyone else in limbo?

I'm on an antenatal thread but don't want to clutter the whole thread up with my stuff to the detriment of all the others on there so thought it was worth another thread...

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ALLthedinosaurs Mon 24-Jul-17 01:32:30

I'm in limbo stumbly

Having a threatened miscarriage at 6+1 (although I think I may have just completed it sad ) Still waiting for bloods and scan tomorrow though.

I haven't been back here since I lost my last in february. That was at 9 weeks and no symptoms so this time is a bloody shock.

Fingers crossed for you. There is a wild variation in sizes and growth rates of embryos of your age isn't there. I hope yours has had a little spurt before your next scan. My friends LO did exactly that... at 8 weeks measured 6 and then went on to have a completely normal set of later scans.

Sorry you are going through this too. It sucks. Early pregnancy is a mindfuck sometimes. I really hope you get a happier scan on thursday. cake

LaSurprise Mon 24-Jul-17 05:42:52

stumbly and dinosaurs flowerscakebrew

Going through what I'm pretty certain is a 6w4d miscarriage myself right now although won't be confirmed until a scan tomorrow morning. The limbo is horrendous.

Thinking of you both x

stumblymonkeyagain Mon 24-Jul-17 13:04:49

Thanks LaSurprise, so sorry to hear of yours.

I think I will soon be out as my symptoms have all but disappeared in the last 12 hours.

Also my mood has been terrible the last few days and I can't help but think that might be a result of decreasing hormones as it reminds me of how I felt after a termination a few years ago as the hormones started reducing. sad are you feeling now?

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LaSurprise Tue 25-Jul-17 09:38:41

Stumbly and Dinosaur how are you both doing? I've got my scan at 11.10. Feel so nervous and nauseous

stumblymonkeyagain Tue 25-Jul-17 11:12:44

You must be in there now LaSurprise. I so hope it's positive news for you...

I'm doing okay, finding it hard to think about or care about anything else at the moment.

Landlords are coming over to the property at 2pm so should be running around cleaning and tidying and just feel like I CBA!

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LaSurprise Tue 25-Jul-17 12:45:19

Not positive news stumbly

They could see a pregnancy sac on the scan (only when they did an internal) but it was tiny- smaller than it should be for my dates, and so tiny they couldn't see if there was anything in it. Basically I've got to go back in a week and they'll see if it's grown. I know it's over though. I know in my heart of hearts there isn't going to be a baby. Just feel broken by it all. X

stumblymonkeyagain Tue 25-Jul-17 14:52:26

I'm sorry LaSurprise...that's pretty much where I am at the moment.

Did they tell you how big the sac was?

Mine was 10.4mm at 6+1 and nothing in it at all. Preparing myself for the worst on Thursday I have to say...

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LaSurprise Tue 25-Jul-17 14:55:45

They didn't say how big the sac was stumbly, just said very small - certainly less than 5 weeks (I should have been 6w5d today)

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday flowers

LeannieRVN Fri 28-Jul-17 23:09:15

Your thread caught my eye because limbo is what I called it. Reading your post, I could have been reading about myself 4 weeks ago. It wasn't a good outcome for me, but I have read quite a lot of other posts about misdiagnosed miscarriages, so there's hope. If it helps, I found the hospital to be so, so careful about making certain mine was over before any treatment. Nothing will be rushed. You might be in for a roller coaster. Sending you strength and luck xxxxc

Clickncollect Sat 29-Jul-17 20:06:46

Hi ladies - I recognise a couple of you from the March 2018 thread. So sorry that you are also experiencing this and sending hugs.
I started bleeding and cramping today at 6w+2 so took myself to the EPAU - they could see a small sac of 4mm so I had a blood test and need to go back in 2 days for another.

CremeDeSudo Sat 29-Jul-17 20:55:49

Hope you are all ok and have positive outcomes flowers

Littleblueberry Mon 07-Aug-17 11:22:41

Has anyone had a good outcome? I'm totally in limbo until the 17th of August and it's utter hell. I currently can't get out of bed this morning. This is my first pregnancy. My sac measured 5-6 weeks but was empty on the 3Rd Aug. I have dark brown but light bleeding /spotting. On the scan it looked like the bleed was coming from the outside of the sac. I'm not sure if it was burrowing in more or it never grew. My last period was 11th of June. I had a bleed which was about 6 days long bright red which I thought was an early period on the 3Rd July. I'm not sure if I should be 7 weeks or 4 as a result. I had a positive test on the 27th July. I want to prepare for the worst. Not knowing is so hard. I still have sore boobs and nausea (could be worry) and feel like my body is playing tricks on me

Clickncollect Mon 07-Aug-17 11:44:35

Hi @littleblueberry - my outcome was not good. My first blood test was 181 at 6 weeks 2 days then it went down to 56 two days later. I've basically just stopped bleeding.
To be fair, as miscarriages go it has been over and done with really quickly which I suppose is a plus as I had an ectopic in the past and that dragged on for around 4 weeks resulting in tube removal so I am grateful I haven't had to go through that.

I'm so sorry to read your situation - that is a true limbo right now for you and all you can do is play the horrendous waiting game. Do you have any follow up appointments? Also, with the bleed you had, did you have unprotected sex during that time (sorry for the personal questions!)?

Littleblueberry Mon 07-Aug-17 12:03:47

@clickncollect I'm sorry to hear that it must have been frightening. I hope there is some sollice in your body taking care of you this time. I didn't have sex at the beginning of July when I bled. According to my log in the glow app I've been using the last time we had sex was the 10th July. I could have not bothered logging it after though as I was worried it was making me a bit neurotic. I just thought it would have to be June rather than July as we were more active and my body was very definitely wanting it where as July less so. I came off the pill at the end of May after about 6-7 years. I'm trying to stay positive and that anything so soon is showing my body is capable. I just called the epc and they were very kind and patient. They said the sac was 17mm and they could see me earlier but told me to try and wait it out as best I could until the 17th for a repeat scan. Not had any bloods done.

Tandemitis Thu 10-Aug-17 08:52:23

Can I join you in limbo? Had what I thought was a period but when it went on a friend suggested I poas. I nearly fell over when it was positive. Now still bleeding but very lightly. Cb digital says 3+ weeks (I should be about 5). Nothing to do but wait and it's driving me crazy. Almost wish I hadn't done any test!

tenpoletudor Thu 10-Aug-17 08:58:22

relevant for me so placemarking. hope you dont mind.
sending lots of good vibes.x

tenpoletudor Thu 10-Aug-17 09:02:54

Sorry to ask, but if you misc 'naturally' as it were, do you have to have a D&C afterwards? Pls ignore if stupid/painful qu.

Littleblueberry Thu 10-Aug-17 12:15:57

From what I've seen it depends if it's complete. If all the tissue goes then no. It just can take a few weeks. A d&c it's hopefully over in one go. Both have pros and cons.

tenpoletudor Thu 10-Aug-17 12:25:57

how can you tell though?
I had an early misc at home alone years ago.
I didnt have a D&C.
Would you have to have one? (sorry, not v positive)

Littleblueberry Thu 10-Aug-17 19:34:08

I think I would give it a week or two if the outcome wasn't good and then have one. I would want it over with to move on quickly

Clickncollect Fri 11-Aug-17 21:33:25

Hi ladies - no need to apologise at all for asking @tenpoletudor. No, I've not had to have a d&c. I think, in my case, it's because I've miscarried so early, there was no foetus, tiny sac (4mm) so a few days of heavy bleeding and some spotting for a few days was all my body needed to do. My hcg levels were only 181 and then 56 at the 5 week stage.
I actually have a follow up scan at the EPU this Sunday but I would be very shocked if the miscarriage wasn't complete and I took a HPT a few days ago which was negative.
So, as miscarriages go physically, I've been lucky. Emotionally, as we all know, is a different story. I just feel so disappointed that my body played yet another trick on me and let me spend two weeks believing I might have managed to get pregnant successfully naturally (I have a 14 month old IVF baby after years of trying and 1 previous natural pregnancy which was ectopic).
Sorry for the me post, once I started writing I couldn't stop!
The limbo stage is horrid - the only way I dealt with it was to think that each day was a step closer to some kind of resolution, one way or another.

Clickncollect Fri 11-Aug-17 21:34:20

Sorry, the hcg levels were at the 6 week stage, not 5

Anban Wed 23-Aug-17 19:14:22

Hello, slightly old thread I know but am currently in the limbo.

Had early scan today at 7 and 6 and was showing what would show at 5 weeks i.e. Just a sac. Dr said very very slim chance it is just delayed/timings wrong and I have to get two blood tests. However I am not hopeful and now just got to wait until my body catches up and flushes out. So am pregnant but also not. sad

Littleblueberry Wed 23-Aug-17 19:28:03

I'm so sorry to hear that. My limbo has just ended. I had a d&c under a local on Monday. It was traumatic I won't lie. I sincerely hope it works out for you. All I can say is try to keep busy and don't push those you love away. At the moment I'm very close to pushing the big fat self destruct button. Knowing is better than not. You can at least attempt to deal with the outcome. I'm sorry I'm not sounding very positive but I do mean it when I say I don't wish this on anyone x

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