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Period late after miscarriage

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Catd87 Sun 23-Jul-17 11:05:02

Im wondering if anyone can help. I had a natural miscarriage on the 17/6/2017. I was just over 5 weeks and it was my first pregnancy, i took a fungal infection 2 weeks ago. I was treated by my Gp. She also did another pregnancy test and Hcg bloods which were all negative. My period is over a week late now and although it feels like it is going to come it never appears. Is this normal? My periods are pretty regular and never this late and im just emotionally obsessing over every little thing atm. TIA. X

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Cocoabean25 Sun 23-Jul-17 12:19:18

So sorry for your loss. I think it takes a long time for your body to settle after a miscarriage. Give it a couple more weeks and see what happens. It may be that you don't get a period at all this month as you would have lost so much blood with the miscarriage xxx

LisaSimpsonsbff Sun 23-Jul-17 15:38:44

It's really normal for your period to be a bit late after miscarriage - it often delays ovulation which then delays the period. I've had three, two at five weeks and one at seven. I found I ovulated four days late after the first one, and then a week late which each of the other two. The advice is normally to expect a period 4-6 weeks after your miscarriage, but I don't think it's any cause for concern if it still hasn't shown up after six weeks.

I'm really sorry for your loss, and for the anxiety you're now feeling. It's horrible and I'm not surprised that you find yourself obsessing. Try and look after yourself flowers

Catd87 Sun 23-Jul-17 17:14:27

Thanks for the advice. I just really feel like my body is playing cruel tricks, i want this chapter closed so I can move on as such.

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Raysunshine Sun 23-Jul-17 20:59:23

I am waiting for mine after miscarriage (5wks). Do you have really bad PMS? Mine is terrible. 2 days late which I know isn't that late but I do wonder what the hell is going on... I hope it shows for you soon, although I think we can all say that after a miscarriage, it's not really what we want.
I don't think my hubby realises the psychological aspect of my next period. Anyone else feel this way? X

Catd87 Sun 23-Jul-17 21:21:12

I feel the same way. I snapped at my husband 2day and told him he just doesnt get it. I honestly feel hopeless and just want it here so i can just close this chapter and move on. Its 9days late at this point. Ive never had a late period in my life. Just frustrated x

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LisaSimpsonsbff Sun 23-Jul-17 21:22:09

This might be a silly (and unhelpful) question, but are you completely sure that you can't be pregnant again?

Raysunshine Sun 23-Jul-17 21:33:50

I do think it's normal to have late period after miscarriage but so hard when you are usually regular. I'm the same.
I just had the worst cramp I have ever had regarding PMS and my husband not very helpful. I love him dearly but it's very different when we have to go through the physical as well. It did affect him but I feel like everyone's moved on and I am just stuck here feeling miserable (literally because of this PMS). All the best guys x

Catd87 Sun 23-Jul-17 21:49:50

Its crossing my mind but im too afraid to test.

I feel exactly the same way. People just expect you to get on with it like they have, but our bodies have a way of reminding us. It such a horrible thing to go through and not even have a reason why it happens. My husband sounds exactly the same as yours. X

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BatmansPrettierSidekick Sun 23-Jul-17 23:07:37

I know how you feel op- I'm waiting for mine and it's taking its time. Check out the TTC after miscarriage thread it's very helpful x x

Raysunshine Tue 25-Jul-17 17:31:46

Well finally I think af is here. I have had a particularly bad day today which probably explains it. Kinda looking forward to trying again, although it scares me a bit. I don't know how people cope having more than one miscarriage.. I have a lot of respect for these women. I hope it's meant to be for me and my husband. I guess it's a wait and see game now.

pompomlover Tue 25-Jul-17 17:45:32

Good luck Raysunshine

Raysunshine Tue 25-Jul-17 17:59:07

Thanks pompomlover, I have a strange feeling I am going to need it...

Catd87 Tue 25-Jul-17 18:07:23

Sorry to hear that raysunshine. Its closes a chapter for you and you can now start moving on and hopefully having a rainbow baby very soon. This is tough... and i for one never want to go through it again.

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Raysunshine Tue 25-Jul-17 18:23:22

Yeh it does close a chapter.. just worried about the next chapter! But I am a natural born worrier which doesn't help haha.
Thanks though for your support, I am sure I will update people etc.
Have you started yours yet or still late?

Catd87 Tue 25-Jul-17 18:31:16

Turns put im 2-3 weeks pregnant... and im petrified. Only found out in last hour.

Im so scared!

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Raysunshine Tue 25-Jul-17 18:37:02

Awww bless you! I understand that you are nervous, that is very normal.
I think I will be the same tbh. But I wishing you all the best and I hope you can try your best to relax and take it a day at a time. Congrats xxx

Catd87 Tue 25-Jul-17 19:08:23

Thank you. Im so scared as I dont think i can go through it all again. Its so unexpected... I really hope all goes ok for you rayofsunshine. Its nice to speak to someone that is going through the same thing as such. Xx

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Raysunshine Tue 25-Jul-17 19:27:10

It's going to be hard for you I think until you go past the point of your last miscarriage, I never take my own advice haha but I would just say try and enjoy every day and every moment and keep your mind busy as much as you can.
I wish you all the best! It's a subject a lot of us are familiar with and that means you have a lot of support on here.
I have given up talking to my friends about it...
Good luck!!smile I will be thinking of you and let me know how you get on x

Catd87 Tue 25-Jul-17 19:55:32

Thank you. Please keep me informed with what the future holds for you. Always here if u want to send me a message. I totally get your head space. Everyone moves on but your still suffering and its nice to know your not alone Xx

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pompomlover Tue 25-Jul-17 22:45:00

Congrats catd87 that's great news. I echo raysunshine's comments on relaxing and enjoying it x x

Catd87 Tue 25-Jul-17 23:05:01

Thank you. Easier said than done. Going to ring my GP in the morning and see can she get me booked into early pregnancy clinic. I am a bag of nerves at the moment. X

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Yane3642 Tue 25-Jul-17 23:24:13

After my miscarriage on 6/5/17 I bleed for a whole month and a week, including my period with that! Now I just past my fértiles days and me and my husband try again! Will see!

Raysunshine Wed 26-Jul-17 17:26:47

catd87 it's so hard to know how to help, ultimately his is a new pregnancy and it's good to look at it like that and also that every pregnancy is different. That's what people tell me anyway! I completely understand your anxiety though and I imagine I will be the same if it happens again.

Got my ov stick and basal body thermometer today haha! Sad but I'm quite excited about it and husband is up for it too which is just as well!!! wink

Raysunshine Wed 26-Jul-17 17:28:04

yane wishing you all the best for her future so sorry for your loss. It really is hard. X

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