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Miscarriage and I'm heartbroken

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Karz93 Thu 20-Jul-17 21:53:45

I feel lost right about now only out from the hospital a few hours from getting a ERPC done it was all so quick
I went the emergency room two days ago because of very light pinkish spotting I was ten weeks pregnant with my fist baby and I'm 24 , I got a internal exam done and I had to come back the next day for a internal scan , after the exam my bleeding got darker and more of a period like colour I know that morning I had lost the baby befor I went in for the scan my chest wasn't sore anymore and I just didn't feel like I was pregnant anymore , all questions are running about my head as I heard after I got the internal scan that in some cases it is know to bring on a miscarriage when I got the exam the nurse said the neck of the womb was still closed so now I'm feeling as the exam might have caused my baby it's life and I feel so guilty , me and my partner are heart broken and we want to try for a baby as soon as we can , can anymore tell me how soon they fell pregnant after a miscarrage and a ERPC?

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loveacupoftea18 Thu 20-Jul-17 23:03:04

Hi. I'm so sorry for your loss. I went through the same thing back in May, and lost my baby at ten weeks.

Last night though, I got a positive pregnancy test on our first month of trying since the MMC and ERPC.

Believe me, I know it's hard and terribly sad right now but it will get better.

Karz93 Thu 20-Jul-17 23:29:59

So sorry to hear about your loss too. It just feels so lonely at first
.And I hope this pregnancy goes brilliant for you.
Thank you, just wish I could wave a magic wand and be pregnant again
Hopefully with time I will be
Thanks again

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humblesims Fri 21-Jul-17 18:10:35

Sorry for your loss. Its a shock to the system and guilt is one of the first things we feel when we miscarry. It is normal to feel that way. You have done nothing wrong and have not caused it. For the first few days your hormones will be settling back down and you will feel pretty rough but I promise that you will start to feel better in a week or two. It is something that will always be in your heart but you will find a place to remember your loss where it wont be as painful as it is now. You are young and unless there is an underlying reason for miscarrying then there is no reason why you shouldnt become pregnant again soon. I lost my first pregnancy at around 8 weeks and the advice was to wait for three months (dont know if thats still the advice). We started trying after three months and I became pregnant straight away and went on to have two babies.
i know you feel so bad right now but you will start to feel better soon. flowers

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