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Bright blood only in wee and abdo pains, miscarriage?

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MiniMarie Thu 20-Jul-17 18:12:10

Ive just found out im about 3 weeks pregnant and im weeing out blood and got abdo pains and cramps. Went docs n she said i was likely to be miscarrying n to let it do its thing. I havnt had any blood come out onto my pad, just bright red wee n blood, with the odd tiny clot on tissue when i wipe. Is this a miscarriage?

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Cocoabean25 Sat 22-Jul-17 22:53:13

I'm not sure if that's a miscarriage. With my miscarriage I was getting a lot out on a pad too. I would go back to the doctor and explain what you are having. They should give you a scan to check what is going on. Big hugs xxx

physicskate Sat 22-Jul-17 23:40:32

Is the blood actually in your wee? Does it hurt to wee?? If so, could be a kidney infection of some sort???

I am very sorry if it does turn out to be a miscarriage... can you take another pregnancy test to see if the line is still as strong? I had a chemical and the line had gone before bleeding started, so I knew it was coming.

MiniMarie Mon 24-Jul-17 19:04:07

I went to see a nurse and she examined me and said it could be spotting (although quite heavy) ive been away for the weekend n had realy bad period type griping pains saturday night for a good few hours and bled constantly. The bloods not there that much anymore so i think i may have lost it. Only been with my new partner 4 months so wasnt the worst outcome as he wasnt so keen and it saved me from making any decision. I have a 10 and 12 year old and he has a 7 year old, it was just a bit soon we think even though i would of kept it if he had shown an interest. Ive got to do a test end of the week to see if its negative and go from there i guess. Ive never had an abortion ir miscarriage so not sure what the signs are. The amount ive bled through im sure it must of gone. Thank u for your advice though ☺

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