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Pregnancy symptoms after suspected miscarriage/ectopic

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LisaSimpsonsbff Fri 14-Jul-17 18:03:19

Oh I'm so sorry. There's nothing worse than being in limbo - I felt so relieved when the bleeding started with my last one, and I was lucky (in relative terms!) as I started bleeding only four days after the scan confirming no baby. I hope your hormone levels drop as soon as possible, and I hope you're doing ok and taking care of yourself flowers.

mummyjl15 Fri 14-Jul-17 14:33:18

Ugh, still no answers really, my hcg levels have continued to drop but only by 100 in the last week! The doctors expected my levels to be around 50-150 today but they're 430.
Got to have more bloods next week. My pregnancy is definitely failing but they don't know if it's an ectopic that's slowly sorting itself out or a miscarriage. Either way it really sucks. I'm so bloated and still have my other pregnancy symptoms so we can't move on yet. I'm in my maternity jeans as my normal ones don't fit. Knowing this pregnancy isn't even going to progress is torture! Just want it all to be over now. Having been so desperate for a positive pregnancy test I now can't wait for it to be negative! sad

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LisaSimpsonsbff Fri 14-Jul-17 09:14:19

I'm sorry that you haven't had any replies and I'm even more sorry that you're going through such a hard, stressful and painful time flowers. I'm sorry to say this, and I hope I'm wrong, but it sounds like your doctor is really quite certain that this pregnancy will end. They wouldn't have suggested an injection to end the pregnancy if they thought there was any real chance it was just too early. I also think it can't really be that you're just too early - you got a positive pregnancy test what, three weeks ago? Nearly four? That puts a definite limit on how far your dates can be out. Again, I'm sorry and I hope I'm wrong.

mummyjl15 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:20:40


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mummyjl15 Thu 13-Jul-17 00:18:41

I think I posted my previous post in the wrong section but I've had some changes anyway so thought I'd post here as a new thread. Apologies in advance for the long story, I'll try to break it down...

2nd pregnancy
• Day before my period was due - BFN (this was when I tested for my 1st pregnancy with a BFP)
• Day after period was due - BFP (yay!!)
• Pregnancy symptoms from about 5 weeks (nauseous, swollen breasts, stomach starting to bloat already, metallic taste in my mouth and very tired!)
• 6 +1 first day of not having any symptoms (lasted 2 days)
• 6 +2 light pink/clear discharge (only a small amount - no pain)
• 6 +3 started bleeding but only a small amount. Went to doctors just to get checked but I wasn't concerned as I know bleeding in early pregnancy is quite common. Doctor booked me in for an appointment at EPU for the following Monday (when I'd be 6+6) for a U/S
• 6 +4 (Saturday) started bleeding a bit heavier, not as much as a period but same colour...again no pain at all. Same afternoon I lost some tissue (about an inch long, kind of like a tadpole shape - yuck!) Feeling pretty concerned I'd lost the baby having seen similar images on google for miscarriages at 6 weeks I phoned 111, they said as I'm not in pain to just stay at home and wait for my appointment on the Monday at EPU but if I get any pain or heavy bleeding to go to A+E (weekend of worrying and stress for both of us!) - continued to bleed for 5 days like a lighter period.
• 6 +6 EPU appointment...urine test confirmed pregnancy but the ultrasound showed no sign of pregnancy at all, not even a sac...had a normal U/S followed by an internal one...still nothing but we were told there was a tiny shadow near my right ovary but they couldn't be sure what it was, could be ectopic, scaring, a cyst or anything.
Went for bloods, hcg came back as 582. Saw a doctor who examined me and due to my symptoms they said there was a tiny chance of ectopic but to keep an eye on things. Follow up blood test in 48hours
• 7wks - 2nd blood test, hcg rose to 693. Nowhere near the jump it should have done in that time so due to slow rising levels the doctors all thought it's an ectopic. Told to go back in 48hours to check levels again.
• 7 +2 - 3rd blood test, hcg dropped to 570. Doctors aren't sure if it's ectopic or miscarriage but after a chat about possibly removing my right tube, then that I needed the injection to end the pregnancy (which I opted against) they agreed to just observe my bloods and said they should drop on their own and to go back in a week to check.

It's been a complete rollercoaster, I don't know if I'm coming or going, miscarriage or ectopic, or if it was just too early to see anything on the scan??
I've read some people pass tissue without it being a miscarriage but then my levels haven't changed much so I'm thinking I have miscarried.

However the weird thing is having gone 10 days with NO pregnancy symptoms whatsoever, yesterday (should have been 8 weeks) I started feeling really nauseous, exhausted (had to have an hours sleep in the afternoon and again today which is very unlike me!), metallic taste in my mouth and my stomach and breasts are bigger than last week.

Is it normal to suddenly develop pregnancy symptoms after an ectopic/miscarriage??

I've only had a small amount of spotting over the last week so nowhere near enough the amount I was told to expect for a miscarriage.

The not knowing and waiting is killing me! My hcg results on Friday should in theory drop a lot to confirm it's a miscarriage but has anyone had any similar experiences where they have in fact still been pregnant?

Meant to mention that twins run in my partners family and I've been reading up a lot about miscarrying one twin...grasping at straws here!

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