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Positive pregnancy tests

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Ekphrasis Wed 12-Jul-17 18:55:46

Sorry about your loss pray. I think I had positives for about 4 weeks, or just less. Then I got a period at exactly 28 days (normally 25).

It's frustrating but I do think I ovulated during that time. I found it helpful emotionally and physically to give it a miss for a couple of months though.

Pray17 Wed 12-Jul-17 11:45:24

Hi im 19 days after a miscarriage. I've been for a scan to make sure everything has gone which it has, but I'm still getting faint positive pregnancy tests, and positive opk tests..havnt had sex since so definitely not pregnant, I'm 42 so I'm running out of time, does anyone know if I can still ovulate if im still getting positive tests, I've read your supposed to wait for a period , only so they know how old the baby is..any idea??x

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