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How long does bleeding/spotting carry on?

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AnMum Fri 07-Jul-17 12:02:39

Miscarried nearly 2 weeks ago - baby would have been 8.5 weeks but only discovered at 12 week scan. Miscarried naturally. Lost everything over a period of about 8 hours. Spotting since then - how long could this continue?

RhiBee29 Sat 08-Jul-17 22:33:25

No idea but I'm in the same boat. 2 weeks since mc and still spotting, I was 6wks 5days. Hope you're ok x

CantHelpDancingWithTheDevil Sat 08-Jul-17 22:59:25

I've had numerous miscarriages, and I'm so sorry for your loss

I've bled from two weeks right up to eight; even had follow up scans to ensure my uterus was empty

On a few occasions the doctor had to prescribe Norethisterone

But please make an appointment to get a check up scan if the bleeding is heavy or prolonged

dudemeister76 Sun 09-Jul-17 10:28:33

Hiya, I had a natural miscarriage a week ago today at 11 weeks baby measured 7weeks 5 days. I lost so much on Sunday i didn't think it possible there was more still in there and i bled quite heavily until Friday where, after mowing the lawn and gardening I later had another 'gush' and i think the sac came out. Im still bleeding now but i was told by our hospital to call EPU after two weeks to discuss whether i need another scan to see if its all out then to do a pregnancy test after three weeks. If you haven't already i'd give them a call. I hope your ok though, i know this has been one of the saddest and loneliest things that has ever happened to me. Keep coming on here, its such a good support. Hugs xxx

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