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How long did it take for a negative test after miscarriage?

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Cantamendusername Tue 20-Jun-17 16:02:01

I'm so frustrated right now and just want it to be over 😔. At my early reassurance scan it showed my baby had no heartbeat at 7 weeks. I went to the epu the following week who said there was no longer a foetal pole and just an irregular shaped sac. After consulting a doctor they said my best option was conservative management and sent me home. I have now been spotting and having a pink discharge for the past 3 weeks but no actual bleed. Epu told me to prepare for pain and bleeding with clots which I've not had. I would have been 10 weeks this week and took a test today and got a strong positive which I would've expected to at least have started to fade by this point.
I've called epu but they've insisted I must wait another two weeks for my body to miscarry the sac naturally, but this is causing me a great deal of distress. I am really trying to be patient but I feel until this is over I can't really move on.
Can anyone tell me how long it took from the start of miscarriage to get a negative pregnancy test? It's so strange that after longing for a BFP I'm now so desperate for a BFN.

DearTeddyRobinson Tue 20-Jun-17 17:08:36

Oh OP flowers
I insisted on surgical management. It took 2 weeks after that for the test to be negative.
Can you go back to your epu and demand an ERPC? It's inhuman making you wait this long.

SparklyScourer Tue 20-Jun-17 17:12:50

So sorry for your loss flowers

I had an MVA and it still took me about 4 weeks, but you should definitely keep on at the EPU even if it's just to measure your hormone levels to ensure they are dropping. It's a horrible time with enough to worry about.

Cantamendusername Tue 20-Jun-17 17:38:44

I wasn't given the option at the time, they decided conservative management was the best option. I think had I been in the right frame of mind I would've said there and then that I wanted an ERPC.
I'm going to have to call EPU again and explain how negatively this is impacting me to have to wait when it appears it just isn't going to happen.

SparklyScourer Wed 21-Jun-17 09:40:17

Good idea, I hope they are more helpful this time. If you want ERPC then push for it you don't deserve for this to drag on it's hard enough!

Cantamendusername Thu 22-Jun-17 22:11:11

Just to update I finally miscarried naturally. I'm not sure whether I would have been better having the ERPC as what I've seen will stay with me forever 😢.

PossibiliTea Thu 22-Jun-17 22:20:27

I'm sorry op, it's such a horrible time but you have done so well and hopefully the physical worst is over now. Some people prefer to do it naturally as they feel closure (of sorts) is easier because they have been through it.

The most important thing now is you are kind to yourself and you take it easy because it is a physically and emotionally draining time and whatever you are feeling is ok flowers

Here if you need to talk

Cantamendusername Thu 22-Jun-17 22:38:12

Thank you @PossibiliTea physically I feel fine. The pain stopped immediately after it had passed. I think I'm just in shock as I didn't expect to actually see anything.

I'm unsure whether I should go into work tomorrow, I already had to take time off last week to go to the EPU so I don't know how understanding they'll be.

PossibiliTea Thu 22-Jun-17 23:18:21

Please take at least the day off, I know it might seem like you need the distraction and everyone is different but I went back too soon and ended up taking more time later on. Even if you are physically ok it's important you take time for yourself.

If you feel like staying in, or visiting a friend/family or if your partner can take the day off and you just do something together do what feels most comfortable to you.

Work should be understanding a loss is still a loss. Last week was a medical necessity but this week should be compassionate leave if nothing else

PossibiliTea Mon 26-Jun-17 09:31:39

Hope you are feeling a little better flowers

Presh1234 Mon 26-Jun-17 10:44:24

Just had my BFN. Does this mean I can start TTC again?

Cantamendusername Mon 26-Jun-17 11:04:03

@PossibiliTea I'm feeling a lot better thank you. I took your advice and took some time off work which has helped, I've stayed home as I've felt exhausted.

Tested this morning which still showed a strong positive so rather than torturing myself I'm going to wait a few weeks before testing again.

PossibiliTea Mon 26-Jun-17 12:33:16

OP I am so glad you did. It takes time and just take each day as it comes, get plenty of rest.

I know this sounds much easier said than done but try and forget about testing for a little bit, you have got the right idea about leaving it a couple of weeks. It upset me too much to even do it myself so I just left it to the EPU ( although I had to go back quite a lot due to retained product / blood clot / still don't know lol)

Cantamendusername Sat 08-Jul-17 07:46:36

So I started bleeding again and thought it could be my period, I took a pregnancy test to be sure and it's still positive, not even faint! My local EPU have said to wait another week and then call them again. It's so frustrating I don't understand why I'm still getting positive tests surely they should be negative by now?

mummyjl15 Sat 08-Jul-17 15:01:47

Have you had your hcg levels checked? I'm still going through a miscarriage sad preg tests still say positive and that I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant.
Started last Thursday (6.5weeks) and lost tissue a week ago today but my hcg levels were still 572 yesterday morning which is much higher than the EPU said they should be a week later. I've got another blood test booked next week to see if they've dropped again. Feel like a bloody pin cushion after this week!! Doesn't help the fact no one can ever seem to find a vein and usually takes 3-4 attempts of stabbing me to take any blood.

Cantamendusername Sat 08-Jul-17 15:48:21

No they've not checked my HCG levels at all. It's been around 4 weeks since my bleeding started and just over 2 weeks since I passed the sac. I thought it would all be over by now I wasn't expecting it to take this long.

mummyjl15 Sat 08-Jul-17 18:00:19

How annoying! It's such a horrible thing to go through but to then not know how long it's going to take for your body to get back to normal so you can ttc again is the worst!! I hate seeing the small bump I'd started to get without having anything to show for it. I feel empty inside now, just want this to all be over so we can try again!
Hopefully your hcg levels will go down soon so the preg test will be negative and you can try again. I had one big bleed lasting 5 days but as my hcg levels are still high I've been told I should have another bleed soon. My last bleed started with 2 days of pink discharge (TMI!) and that started again last night with some stomach aches so I'm hoping I'll bleed again soon. Maybe go back to the EPU and demand a blood test to check your hcg levels? I've had mine checked 3 times this week, first two showed the levels went up then yesterday's one had dropped so hopefully they'll continue to drop so it'll all be over.

whyhastherumgone Sat 08-Jul-17 18:07:40

Took me exactly a month - to the date the MC started.

Cantamendusername Thu 13-Jul-17 22:30:01

I went to EPU today because my tests are still positive. My uterus is empty and my lining is 2mm. The bad news is the scan showed a mass measuring around 3cm on the right hand side and some fluid, they're unsure as to what it is but the possibilities are an ectopic or maybe a cystic mass. My HCG level came back at 350 so now it's just the wait to see what they come back at when I'm retested in 48hrs time 😢

mummyjl15 Thu 13-Jul-17 22:59:44

Oh no! So sorry to hear this. I've got my blood test tomorrow and dreading it. It's developed pregnancy symptoms over the last 72 hours and can't even fit into my normal jeans! I've already been told it's not a viable pregnancy and possibly an ectopic so tomorrow's hcg check will make things a bit clearer (I hope!!)
Just want closure now so I can move on, I'm sure you're the same?! The waiting game is torture! Hope you get some answers soon

Cantamendusername Thu 13-Jul-17 23:24:52

mummyjl15 I hope you get the results you want tomorrow. Have you had any symptoms of ectopic? I've had a previous ectopic and had to have my tube removed, I've had no symptoms this time so I'm really hoping it isn't as if I lose my remaining tube I'll be devastated.
The waiting is awful, I just want to be able to move on.

mummyjl15 Fri 14-Jul-17 21:07:00

Well I didn't really get the result I wanted. My hcg levels haven't dropped anywhere near the amount they should have in a week, still at 430 so only dropped by just over 100 in a week!
Got to go back in a week. I've had no symptoms whatsoever for ectopic, all I do have is all the pregnancy symptoms which are getting worse. I'm really hoping to bleed over the next week to help my levels drop. So desperate for baby number 2....we had planned to have 3-4 children and I worry I might start the menopause early like my mum did at 34...I'm 31 :-/
Hopefully we will both be able to move on with things soon. I'm praying for a negative pregnancy test now!

Cantamendusername Fri 14-Jul-17 21:34:19

I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm hoping for a drop in my HCG when I have my bloods tomorrow, if not I'll be scheduled for surgery so it's an anxious wait. I understand the desperation for it to be over, it's been over 4 weeks since I started to miscarry and I never knew it would take this long!

Cantamendusername Sat 15-Jul-17 10:45:56

I'm so anxious about today, I feel like I just want to cry. I can't stand this waiting anymore.

mummyjl15 Sat 15-Jul-17 21:53:06

How did you get on today? Have you had your blood results?
I celebrated this morning as I started bleeding lightly (first time I've ever wanted that to happen!)...thought it was the start of the bleed I'm waiting for but it stopped. Back to the waiting game again sad
I broke down completely last night, just want to move on but everywhere I go and anything I do is a complete reminder of what's happening. Luckily I'm not feeling as bloated today so at least I'm not feeling like I'm pregnant as much.
Hope your results show your progressing and you can finally start to move on

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