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Some help needed - 3 miscarriages, being investigated and just had BFP

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CL1982 Tue 20-Jun-17 15:17:09


I have had 3 early miscarriages (ll around 5/6 weeks). After the last one a few weeks ago I was referred to the Early Miscarriage Unit in Oxfordshire who couldn't see me until August 25th. Obviously I was a little worried that we'd get pregnant in the wait (now justified) so used my work health insurance to see a consultant privately who has asked to run some tests which I'm having tomorrow and then a few more in a week or so's time. I was feeling a bit icky and clumsy (always a sign with me), took an early Frer and behold, i'm pregnant again.

I'm only 11DPO so we're talking pretty early (it may not even last past my period) but I've fallen in between the gaps a bit. NHS aren't sure until I've seen their consultant and although I've emailed the private consultant I'm not sure what advice he can give or even what I need to pay for now. So all said, a bit of a mess.

Does anyone have any advice? I have implantation issues according to the private consultant so i'm wondering if it'll all end soon anyway. Started baby aspirin as i figured it can't hurt. Other than that am just sort of sitting her wondering if i should be doing something!

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LisaSimpsonsbff Wed 21-Jun-17 16:19:14

I'm sorry for your losses and can completely imagine that your current situation is a stressful one. I'm just waiting for an appointment to see a consultant after three mc (two at five weeks, one at seven) and also worry about getting accidentally pregnant in the meantime. If you look at the posts of women with recurrent miscarriage this situation comes up a lot (being pregnant by the time you see the consultant), in stories with both good and bad outcomes. I completely understand wanting to protect yourself by preparing for the worst, but it isn't a given that this one will end to. Since you haven't had any tests done yet, presumably the consultant's suggestion that you have implantation issues is a guess based on timing?

Again, with the caveat that I haven't been in your situation: firstly, have you yet heard from the private consultant? They may well be able to help you and give some advice. Failing that, or perhaps even if the consultant helps, depending on what they say, I think you should go to see your GP asap. It seems to me that you now need an early pregnancy unit, and the GP should be able to refer you there. For instance, they could do blood tests to see how your hormones are progressing (your GP might also be able to do this - some do, but mine wouldn't, so it seems to depend).

I hope you're doing ok, and that this time is your time.

CL1982 Wed 21-Jun-17 16:55:54

Actually that is a really good idea. I didn't think to organise a visit to the GP as well. I'll give them a try.

Thank GOODNESS for the private consultant. I'd be in such a lather if this had happened without him. I'm seeing him tonight so i'll see what he says. I'm sort of prepared for either outcome. I do feel totally disorganised though!

Thanks for your kind words and i'm sorry you're also having a rough time. Sounds like we're having the MCs at similar times? Mine were 6/7 weeks and 5 weeks. Horrible business. When is your app?

I'll let you know how i get on.

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LisaSimpsonsbff Wed 21-Jun-17 17:45:13

Thanks - yes, I think we have had quite similar experiences. I had a scan with my last one (the seven week one) which showed that the embryo had stopped developing around five weeks, so it looks like they've all ended at the same time and my body was just slow to clock onto the last one. My appointment is on 11 July, which is only five weeks from the most recent mc, so I think I must be lucky with where I live. I hope the consultant is helpful and reassuring this evening - it was good that they could get you in so quickly.

CL1982 Wed 21-Jun-17 19:30:58

He was very reassuring! He told me I needed to stay positive. I have prog as he wanted to support at the early stage and he felt it couldn't hurt, baby aspirin and thyroxine although dosage will depend on my blood test results tomorrow. Also need to have a chat with my GP and he wants plenty of scanning. We had an interesting chat about his research. He is keen to look into why women with recurrent miscarriage often have a high conception rate. I know it's often a myth that you're 'more fertile' but he thinks there is something that warrants more research. That is just a little aside!

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CL1982 Wed 21-Jun-17 19:31:16

I also need to make sure the unit at Oxfordshire know who I am too I think...

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LisaSimpsonsbff Wed 21-Jun-17 22:11:24

So glad he was reassuring and gave you some concrete ways to try and support this pregnancy. Hope the blood test results help, too.

Interesting about the conception rate. I now really believe in the 'you're more fertile after a miscarriage' thing, as it took me seven months to fall the first time, but since then I've got pregnant the next time I ovulated each time - I haven't had an actual period rather than a miscarriage since January, I've been constantly pregnant, miscarrying or about to get pregnant again... Which is why I'm also worried about getting pregnant before all the testing is done! It's hard to know what to do to prevent, I obviously don't want to use anything hormonal, but we've always got on terribly with condoms as a couple. So far (the one time we've had sex since the last mc) he's withdrawn, but I can almost hear my school sex ed teacher shouting at me!

CL1982 Wed 21-Jun-17 23:58:24

Ha ha. Yes it's not terribly reliable!! I'm sorry you have had so many. It just sucks. The good news is there is a lot of research going into it. That has to be a good thing. The o e things that worries me is we'll never find a reason. It will just not happen. I am being positive however today so here's to the pessaries and random safe drugs working smile

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