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Miscarriage but I don't understand what has happened

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AllThePurple Wed 14-Jun-17 21:42:34

I should be exactly nine weeks (no doubt about my dates) pregnant and today I had a scan that showed nothing at all. There was not even the sac. Pregnancy tests are still strongly positive. I've been bleeding for a day but no clots and no cramps. What has happened to the baby? Has my body just absorbed the foetus? I'm really confused.

k1yx Wed 14-Jun-17 21:55:16

It sounds like maybe a delayed miscarriage, which is where the foetus stops growing, but you don't lose the pregnancy for a while.

With mine, the foetus stopped growing at 4 weeks but I didn't miscarry until 11 weeks. This meant that there was no foetus seen on the scan, but I still had a developing placenta, which gives out pregnancy hormones, so I got positive tests.

Did you sonographer tell you what would happen next? Have you got a follow up appointment?

AllThePurple Wed 14-Jun-17 22:51:24

Thank you for your advice. I have had a missed miscarriage before (is that a similar thing?) but evidence was still there to show the pregnancy. This time there was nothing at all. I just don't understand what happened to all the evidence. Do you think it gradually came out in such small amounts I didn't notice? I haven't had any clots or bleeding until now.

They have done a blood test and will do another one to check my hcg levels to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Otherwise I will just given warnings about haemorrhaging.

k1yx Thu 15-Jun-17 06:25:18

I think it is is possible to reabsorb the foetus, so maybe that's what happened.

I think I was advised to wait three weeks then do a follow up pregnancy test, to check the hormone levels had dropped.

Don't forget to take it easy and give yourself time to recover. The hormones can take over a bit as they go back to normal.

AllThePurple Thu 15-Jun-17 12:12:30

Thank you.

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