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Miscarriage at 7 weeks

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RedPanda25 Sat 10-Jun-17 09:42:28

So I started bleeding on Wednesday, just brown blood to start with which then got progressively redder and heavier through till today and still going. I went for a scan yesterday and they couldn't see anything, no sac, no bleeding anything and they said my womb lining was thin too. Last night I passed what I think looked like tissue, could that be it do you think? I just want it all over now, and I feel emotionally drained.

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HansSolo22 Sat 10-Jun-17 10:29:38

I'm so sorry panda, its such an awful thing to go through. I had a MC at 10 weeks in January, baby measured at 8 weeks. I had bleeding for 48 hours then very bad cramps on and off for 48 hours. If your MC happened at 7 weeks, it could be that baby measured less than that and if a scan shows that all is ok then I would hope you are through the worst now but you may still bleed for a while. Hope you have some support, look after yourself and give yourself time to heal xx

RedPanda25 Sat 10-Jun-17 10:43:16

Oh @HansSolo22 I'm so sorry for your loss. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, so emotional and so painful. I'm still bleeding today but hoping that it's going to die down. I've been lying in bed for most of the last 24 hours and feel lazy and that I should be up but I just can't face it. Does it get easier? Thank you so much for replying to me, I really appreciate it.

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JeffyJeffington Sat 10-Jun-17 10:53:40

Hi Panda I went into the EPU on Thursday as I'd started to bleed red following brown discharge (6w5d for me). They scanned me and said there was a sac but couldn't see an embryo, but perhaps it was too early. I had lots more bleeding on thurs and passed a large clot which I think was the sac. I felt much better after that as I feel pretty sure that was it going. I know exactly what you mean, it's just dreadful not being sure. I am still bleeding like a heavy USB period and according to the internet it could last a week or so more. Like you I'm going to take it easy and and maybe go back to doc when bleeding finishes. flowers for you and Hans- an awful physical and emotional experience and I hope you have support around you

HansSolo22 Sat 10-Jun-17 10:59:53

It does get easier with time but sometimes still i will suddenly think about it and the pain just takes my breath away. I thought being pregnant again would help and it was helping until I started bleeding again a couple of days ago. I'm only 5 weeks so just got to see what happens but I'm fairly sure I already know the outcome. I've found this couple of days absolutely heartbreaking. I'm so grateful I have my little boy who gets me through with his gorgeous smile xx

JeffyJeffington Sat 10-Jun-17 14:09:00

Sorry to hear about that Hans- really hope it becomes clear soon. Xx

RedPanda25 Sat 10-Jun-17 14:37:24

Called the EPU and they've asked me to go to A+E to get checked over. Just want it to be over now.

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RedPanda25 Sat 10-Jun-17 14:38:04

I'm so sorry @JeffyJeffington and @HansSolo22, it's just heartbreaking. I'm sending you both lots of love xx

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Schultzy2232 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:28:51

I am really confused, well actually have been since the point I knew I was pregnant. I got four positives and the clinic I went to said negative. They took blood but didn't get me the results even when I requested over the phone because I had to miss some appointments. What they didn't tell me was the results were online the whole time...I was pretty irritated. Anyways everything started around march 15, missed period and every symptom in the book I knew i had to be pregnant. this last week I got confirmation through a miscarriage that I indeed was pregnant all along. The thing I'm worried about is that I barely bled when the baby embryo passed. When it came out of me I knew exactly what it was. I only bled for about a day... what happens in this circumstance, (nervous/worried/sorta panicking).

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