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Mmc now a chemical....

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Tigger83 Thu 08-Jun-17 06:50:26

Hi, my test lines had been getting lighter, did a test today and confirmed I'm no longer pregnant, was 4 +3. I'm in bits. I'd been the the gp earlier on in the week to confirm that the worst was going to happen as I just knew it wouldn't work and he said no point just let nature run its course and I'll soon know if it's viable.

I guess what I'm asking is does this count as a second miscarriage and does this mean I can push for tests now? I had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks (I found out at 11 weeks) I just want to find out what's going on in my body.

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pickledsausage Thu 08-Jun-17 06:57:36

Hi tigger, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I think it depends where you live but the general rule for the NHS is 3 before they start to test. It's horrible and unfair but I think they think 2 is fairly common.

DancingUnicorn Thu 08-Jun-17 09:14:29

Thinking of you Tigger 💐Sorry I can't be more helpful, didn't want to read and run.

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