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Toilet 'issues' 3 months on from MC

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ForeverHopeful21 Tue 06-Jun-17 12:20:13

Before my pregnancy and MC, I would go to the loo same time every morning, very straight forward and nothing unusual.
After a horrific MC (large volume blood loss and then infection) I was put on two lots of strong antibiotics and high dose iron tablets.
This resulted in the worst explosive diarrhoea I have ever experienced to the point of just sitting on the loo all night long, extremely sore bottom and then getting piles. The chemist were able to give me strong diarrhoea tablets, which didn't stop it but did calm things down. It took almost 3 weeks for the diarrhoea to stop.

Long story short, things have never really gone back to normal. Some days I will go a 2 or 3 times in a day and it will be very soft, and other times I won't go at all for days and it then gets very uncomfortable and almost feels like I'm a bit constipated.

My diet hasn't changed and I'd say it's quite balanced. The only thing that changed was the MC, has anyone else experienced this? As time is going on I'm now wondering if it's completing unrelated to the MC??

RebornSlippy Tue 06-Jun-17 12:21:17

Are you still taking iron?

RatherBeRiding Tue 06-Jun-17 14:40:19

If you are still taking iron, especially at a high dose, this can mess with your system.

Alternatively, the 2 lots of strong antibiotics coupled with high dose iron will almost certainly have affected your gut bacteria balance, and it will take time to return to normal.

Might be worth trying some probiotics to help your system re-balance.

peripateticparents Tue 06-Jun-17 14:46:07

I'm with riding. 2 lots of strong antibiotics will have killed off your good gut flora. Lots of probiotic yoghurt type foods and prebiotics (foods that good bacteria like to eat) and maybe some probiotic supplements from the health food store will help restore the balance. Unfortunately iron can lead to constipation, some have better luck with different types of iron supplements.

ForeverHopeful21 Wed 07-Jun-17 08:00:44

I stopped taking the high iron a couple of weeks after the MC even though my GP didn't agree as I'm now anaemic. But I've continued to take my conception vitamins which have iron in them in a smaller dose. Wondering whether I should just stop with vitamins all together for now and just eat more greens and meat to help instead. Feel like my body is still so messed up.

The antibiotics were awful, they gave me so many side-effects. I ended up with thrush which I've never had before either and as you say, it's because all my good bacteria was wiped out. I didn't think to buy probiotics so I'll go and buy some stuff today. Willing to try anything to just be 'normal' again.
Thank you x

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