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How long did it take for you to test negative after a MMC and when did you get your period?

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northernlass81 Mon 05-Jun-17 16:25:54

I had a MMC at 12 weeks just two weeks ago and feel desperate to be pregnant again. I know it's probably a natural reaction and maybe this will settle. How long did it take for your pregnancy test to become negative after miscarriage and when did you get your first period. I think maybe some idea of timescales others have been through might help. Thanks x

AncientOva Mon 05-Jun-17 17:10:14

Sorry for your loss. Last time it took 31 days, this time I'm on day 32 and still waiting, but having a few twinges that make me think it's on it's way. I bled for longer this time though.

AncientOva Mon 05-Jun-17 17:11:12

Sorry, that was how long it took for my period to resume. Negative pregnancy tests took about a fortnight.

NoParticularPattern Mon 05-Jun-17 17:14:33

Sorry for your loss. It took 2-3 weeks to get a negative and then took a further 3 weeks for AF to return. flowers

jazz45 Tue 06-Jun-17 12:27:04

Negative test took three weeks after erpc. Took a further 3 weeks for my first period. My second cycle after that was long too. So sorry for your loss. X

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