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Angry at Private Health Insurance and the NHAmS

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Moose23 Thu 01-Jun-17 15:59:27

Just a vent really.

I have only had two miscarriages so don't qualify for NHS treatment.

I sought out private testing and found that I have this "MTHFR" gene (linked to clotting but not a clotting disorder) as well as raised TSH (4.85) and low t4 (12.0). I have a history of Graves' disease but always knew that I'd turn hypothyroid at some point.

I saw a private MC specialist who I think is trying to scam me into his NK testing when I know that the thyroid issue is linked with MC (why not treat just the thyroid first?). So I am on hold with him for now.

Because I'm not clinically hypothyroid the GP won't treat me. But agreed to write me a letter to a private endocrinologist so I could claim under my private health. Not realising that she referred to my miscarriages.

Now I'm ineligible for a private endocrinologist as the letter mentioned my miscarriages (as well as my other thyroid symptoms such as weight gain, depression, foggy brain).

I am so angry. I'm effectively in limbo - NHS don't care, private insurance don't care.

Why is health care so hard to find in this developed country? I pay for private health and it's still not good enough. I need to pay hundreds of pounds to see an endocrinologist even though I'm signed up to a private provider.

So so stupid!!

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