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'Due' date

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Thattwatoverthere Thu 01-Jun-17 09:21:36

My baby would have been due today according to last period date etc, I know that means nothing really as I had a MMC before the 12 week scan but I'm really feeling it today and could honestly curl up in a ball and cry. Plus I'm due on any day so the hormones are kicking in.

I have to go to 2 baby shower type get togethers next week and the thought that I would have potentially be going with my own baby is hard to think about when now I feel empty. Although I'm really pleased for the mums to be I'm jealous too.

I'm in a great relationship now and kids are in the future hopefully but I want the one I lost sad

Please tell me this is normal

Maiz7654 Thu 01-Jun-17 09:29:48

Totally normally to feel that way. I found the due date of my MMC really difficult. In fact I found the whole month he/she was due really difficult.

Sending a big hug xx

Thattwatoverthere Thu 01-Jun-17 13:42:05

Thank you, that's helped a lot. The friend I told at work said I need to forget about it and I felt a bit ridiculous for letting it bother me. Trying now to keep busy and it's helping a bit. wine later will hopefully help a bit more.

Sorry you've had a loss also x

Maiz7654 Thu 01-Jun-17 22:24:41

I guess it's difficult to understand unless you have been through it but she was very insensitive. Keep strong but don't try to pretend everything is 'ok,' I don't think it is ever something I will forget xx

PossibiliTea Thu 01-Jun-17 23:43:46

What you are feeling is normal, it's horrible and it makes it hard when people don't understand. It's not likely you will forget it even if you wanted to! Focus on the positives and moving forward but dont feel you have to forget x

Eeeeek2 Fri 02-Jun-17 11:49:07

It's perfectly normal to think about the baby you have lost, my first would of been 20 months now. I have a gorgeous son of 7 months and have just lost my 3rd at 12 weeks.

Hopefully soon you'll have a baby in your arms. You'll never forget the one you lost and will alway wonder what they'd of been like. One I got passed the year of the first lost it became a bit easier so expect to feel sad a year on from the loss to. All perfectly normal.

Cocoabean25 Fri 02-Jun-17 20:07:15

Yes, definitely perfect normal. So sorry for your loss 😔 Even if you were to have other children they wouldn't replace the one you lost. Just try and put on a brace face at the baby showers but at home and around friends show your true feelings and hopefully people will be there for you. Big hugs xx do understand how you feel. I'm dreading getting to my miscarried baby's due date xxx

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