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Not sure if I've just had an early mc?

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Ekphrasis Mon 29-May-17 21:19:45

I just want to be more certain. Apologies if tmi. And long!

I had a mc at 8 wks around 8 weeks ago.

We dtd not meaning to get pregnant but not being totally careful around when I ovulated, but dh withdrew (I know not fail safe).

I'd had odd tastes and smells and lots of cramping a few days later. I tested just before a party on Saturday, they say I was due af, and thought I saw really faint lines on two tests (I carried them around at the party sneaking to peek to be sure, not drinking!)

No tender breasts though - but id swollen up definitely.

Af appeared on Sunday. Really bad actually, and pains similar to the mc. My previous period wasn't really painful; I don't usually get pains. I decided the lines were evap lines.

I've just found a strange clot in my pad. Small, round, around 5p piece or smaller. Pinkish, was dry as had been there a bit I guess. Spongy. Ive never had this with a period.

Does it sound like a chemical? Or still strange things getting over previous mc? Or any other possible thing e.g. Polyp (???) I am quite disbelieving that it's pregnancy related, it would be almost immaculate conception. Temps were falling the last few days so I doubt pregnancy. Can this be a normal bit of period?

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