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1 week post ERPC. Bleeding stopped, but is this okay? Disclaimer: Graphic.

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msfo Thu 25-May-17 23:30:19

Whenever I wipe I see the following (see picture). Is this normal? Am I healing okay? The discharge keeps alternating, but always comes back to this brownish one.

When will I know that my cycle is back?

PossibiliTea Fri 26-May-17 00:28:58

As it was only a week ago I think this could be normal. It might just be the lining. If I was you I would give the EPU a call if you can just for peace of mind they might give you antibiotics as a precaution but I generally think dark blood is ok.

Once you have stopped bleeding for a few days/weeks, your next bleed is likely to be the start of your cycle. But take a pregnancy test and if it's negative it probably is AF!

msfo Fri 26-May-17 04:32:04

That's reassuring. I thought the same about the dark blood.

Thank you for your help, Tea. I'm sorry it wasn't a pleasant sight.

PossibiliTea Sat 27-May-17 11:18:17

Don't worry! I've had a bizarre bleeding pattern and discharge so it doesn't phase me. Hope you are feeling ok in yourself and if it carries on gets worse just give the GP or EPU a call smile

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