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Upset after scan

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Cocoabean25 Wed 24-May-17 21:08:04

Hi everyone,
Had a scan today because I'm still getting bad pains 4 months after my miscarriage. In the lead up to the scan I've been feeling a bit more upset then going through all that today has really upset me and I've been a crying mess every since. Having to go through my story, how far pregnant I was etc was so horrid. Just feeling so upset now 😥

DancingUnicorn Wed 24-May-17 22:17:38

I'm so sorry. It must be really hard having to relive it. Your feelings are totally valid, it's ok to be upset and not ok. Sending huge hugs.

Did anything helpful come from the scan?

Cocoabean25 Thu 25-May-17 23:03:38

Thanks for replying. She said she couldn't find anything abnormal so it could be my hormones still settling. Going to see the doctor again next week so hopefully will get more answers. Having to relive it is definitely horrible and feel like I'm back to where I started again. Had a little cry on the way to work this morning. Just very emotional at the moment xxx

PossibiliTea Fri 26-May-17 00:32:41

Cocoa I'm sorry you are still going through this. I know I've said it before but when the physical side of things still aren't right it makes everything so much harder.

Good news that the scan didn't show anything abnormal at least. It is horrible having scans afterwards, they ask me if I want to see the screen but I find it too hard. I think of it in a similar way to if you were in a car crash going back to the scene of the event or something...

Hoping for us all, take good care of yourself x

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