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Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of miscarriage and no pregnancy since

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Hopefullywaiting Thu 18-May-17 23:39:52

Just that really. Feel I am in a better place now the pain isn't so raw and I have accepted my loss. I do still wonder though what life would have been like now. I would have had a nearly two and a half year old.

I do feel sadness and a little hopeless because of my lack of pregnancy since. Not even a hint of a line. Not sure what I hope to gain from writing this. Thank-you for reading this Far.

Maggy74653 Thu 18-May-17 23:57:15

So sorry for your loss x

Hopefullywaiting Fri 19-May-17 00:19:15

Hi Maggy thank-you for your reply. Reading my post back I thought it might read as quite casual/cold and was concerned it might be a bit upsetting for anyone who had been through the same thing, hopefully it's not. I am still gutted by the miscarriage but feel with the passing of time I am definitely coping better.

Notalotterywinner Fri 19-May-17 14:13:11

Hi OP, I went 2.5 years before another pregnancy, keep positive. have you tried anything new? My DH took a supplement with loads of Vit D in and I took Agnus Castus early cycle to help. People say pre seed works well.

Cocoabean25 Fri 19-May-17 22:24:12

So sorry to hear that. I don't think we can ever forget and we will always be sad. It makes you change massively and you can't go back to the person you were before. You definitely don't sound casual or cold about it xxx

helterskelter99 Fri 19-May-17 22:25:26

So sorry I have been there and it's not a nice place
Fingers crossed xx

Hopefullywaiting Fri 19-May-17 23:04:32

Hi notalotterywinner

Thank-you for your reply. Yes I am trying to keep positive. It's just a lot of stop start due to having endometriosis, I have had to give up previously after around 12 months and then started again ttc last year onto Cycle 16 now. I have only very recently been referred for a fertility clinic.

Haven't tried anything new as of yet except keeping up with acupuncture sessions which seem to help with stress levels and brought some Chinese herbs haven't tried them yet.

Pleased to hear that you did get to another pregnancy and hope it all worked out for you.


Hi Cocoabean

Thank-you for your reply and oh how right you are. It definitely does change you and there's no reset button which I found one of the hardest parts before accepting. It's a sad realisation that you will never feel the same again.

Reading back I thought it read like I cared more about getting to another pregnancy than my loss and looking to replace my first pregnancy. Which is why I was concerned It sounded cold/casual. I'm glad It didn't
sound that way xx

Hi helterskelter

Thankyou and I'm sorry to hear you have been through the same, hopefully it has worked out for you now or will do soon xx

I'm sorry to see you all on here and that you have gone through losses. Thankyou again for all your kind posts it really means a lot


TurquoiseDress Sat 20-May-17 19:04:04

Hi Hopefully

Sorry to hear about your loss.

I experienced a missed miscarriage last summer and we have been TTC ever since without any luck at all.

Not hint of a pregnancy- nothing to get our hopes up apart from positive OPKs which have come to nothing.

In a few weeks time, early next month, it'll be 1 year since the MMC & I cannot believe that we are still TTC.

I cannot begin to imagine how it feels after 3 years- I'm sorry that things have not happened for you yet flowers

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