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Going through a natural miscarriage at this moment (8 weeks)

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Instataly01 Sun 14-May-17 15:58:22


This is my 2nd consecutive miscarriage, the first at 11w6d started spotting, then period-like bleeding, then went to ER, they gave me the pill to miscarry, but had to have a D&C anyway, then I bled with not much pain for a week or 10 days and then it was over. This was a year and some months ago. This time it seems more like a blighted ovum situation. I was supposed to be 8 weeks along. 1st u/s just thick lining, a week after, 2nd u/s Dr. saw sac but no baby but told me not to worry as I might just be too early, 3 weeks later 3rd u/s irregular sac and a not developed fetus (to be honest I don't think it even got to the fetus status). Forgot to say this is happening after I delivered two girls both via C-Section, one is 6 and the other 4, I'm also 40 years old. So I chose to try and miscarry naturally. The day after the last u/s (Tuesday) I started spotting and it became a period-like bleeding with no pain the day after (Wednesday). Last night (Saturday) I had some cramping but nothing really serious, though I mentioned to my husband that this hasn't happened since I started spotting. Slept well through the night but in the morning I woke up with a start (probably had a cramp), TMI (too much information) ALERT: I started walking to the bathroom and midway I started to bleed down my legs and on the floor, sat down at the toilet, my pad was soaked and a second later I felt a big blob coming out, was about the size of an integral cookie (I know, what the hell it would be the first thing that comes to my mind foot-in-mouth --- and then much more serious cramping and pain begun, I took 1g paracetamol but didn't help (luckily the Dr. prescribed something stronger for the pain - Tramadol 50mg - for when I start miscarrying, my husband just went to get it ). It all started a bit before 9am. Now it's 11:40am and I have to come to the bathroom every 5-7 minutes or so to pass another big clot. When not passing the clots I'm bleeding like a heavy period, but still have the same pad since the morning (changing it now), but I do bleed a lot every time I'm on the toilet. Does anyone know how long this "clot-passing-every-5-minutes" situation last? Much love to all of us going through this now (and to those who already went through it too) xx

UPDATE: The "clot-passing-every-5-minutes" situation has stopped for now, it lasted 3.5 hours total. Now heavy period and cramps, less pain because the pain killer I took is working more or less.

emss55 Sun 14-May-17 16:08:40

Hi im a midwife so so sorry to hear your sad news. Please please attend a&e where a gynae doctor will see you stat. You need to be with people who can attend to your needs now physical and emotional. Your husband will/should be welconed to stay with you. You will require uss to ensure no products of conceptionare left. I know its an awful term but thst is how its referred to. You may need stronger analgesia or maybe even assistance to ensure no products are left behind which can cause infection and further problems. Please seek medical attention now you dont need to suffer like this at home. So sorry for your loss xx

Instataly01 Sun 14-May-17 16:15:23

Thanks for the kind words and advice, I do have an appointment on the 29th to see if the miscarriage is in fact complete, but I think I'll try to make it sooner. thanks so much!

emss55 Sun 14-May-17 16:43:26

Sending you a big hug my lovely. Ive been through it myself and helped others in my job as a midwife. No matter how early it happens its your baby and you love them. Hope all goes well for you and your family. Xx

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