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What's "normal" after miscarriage and how long to get back to before?

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Worryingmysilly Fri 12-May-17 12:15:41

I took a pregnancy test day of what should of been my period and was negative and then I had what I thought was a period on 29/4 (1day late) lasting 4 days then on the Sunday (7/5) I started having pains in left groin and a lower back and bad cramping.i decided to do a pregnancy test which came back as positive. It did for the next 3 days I went to dr tues and it was a negative (although my home one say positive) had bloods again negative and the next day my hpt came back negative, dr thought a chemical pregnancy) Anyway next day or so had some brown discharge then nothing. But today (1 1/2 weeks later) I have had brown blood (some possible clots) I thought was a period but not. No horrible smell, no pain no fever or anything. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you sorry so long. Xx

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