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4.5 weeks pregnant after recurrent miscarriage and spotting

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bfairbairn Wed 10-May-17 17:18:45

I have had two pregnancies in six months that have started failing at 4.5 weeks. The first was missed (not even a foetal pole found at 10 weeks). I found out I was pregnant a few days ago and yesterday the same pinkish cervical music has started, accompanied by mild cramping. Last time I spotted for ten days before a swift and fairly painless miscarriage. Is it over for this pregnancy? I cannot carry on doing this. I feel completely alone, desperate and confused! What is happening??

usedtorun Wed 10-May-17 21:07:23

Sorry OP, no real words of wisdom, just a hand hold. I've had an early miscarriage and an ectopic in the last 12 months, am currently 5+3, but had some spotting this evening so same despairing thoughts you are having.

Have you spoken to Dr or EPU yet?

bfairbairn Wed 10-May-17 21:48:44

Hi there, sorry you're going through this too. My EPU say that it's too early and they don't really want to check the hcg as apparently it can double even if the pregnancy is not viable. They will see me at 6 weeks. By then it'll probably be game over. Don't know whether to hold onto any hope!

usedtorun Thu 11-May-17 10:59:58

I am trying to be positive today, spotting seems to have stopped and still have sore boobs.

I'm booked in for a scan on Monday when I'll be 6+1, I had hoped to get in before the weekend, but because bleeding has stopped and not in any pain I don't think that will happen.

How many days / weeks are you now? I find it helpful to cont down days to scan

usedtorun Thu 11-May-17 11:00:14

Count even

bfairbairn Thu 11-May-17 12:54:48

I'm only 4w 3d. Very early. I have a referral to Lesley Regan's team at Queen Mary's if I miscarry again. I still have the perfect no discharge and occasional cramp.

Great news that you've stopped spotting and definitely worth waiting until the 6 week scan when they can definitely confirm whether there's a HB.

bfairbairn Thu 11-May-17 12:55:16

Perfect should say spotting, which is FAR from perfect!

usedtorun Thu 11-May-17 13:04:23

Well hopefully you won't need that referral as all will be fine this time.

I know the spotting is disheartening and it is frustrating that your EPU won't see you until 6 weeks, but hopefully the fact is it just spotting is a positive thing. Roll on the next week and a half for you so at least you can get in the EPU system.

usedtorun Fri 12-May-17 21:31:57

How are you doing @bfairbairn ?

I think I may be out... started bleeding properly this evening, plus dull period pain type tummy ache. So numb and frustrated with this whole process.

bfairbairn Fri 12-May-17 21:37:34

Much the same. Not getting worse but it took two weeks to 'kick off' last time. Are you going to get a referral for recurrent miscarriage? I am desperate to get some tests run now. Are you taking aspirin? I've been taking it this pregnancy...

bfairbairn Fri 12-May-17 21:39:51

Ps I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I know the despair you feel. I was speaking to two colleagues who have been trying for six years and four years (including IVF) and not a even a whiff of a BFP. We must be grateful that our bodies are at least able to conceive. We still have a 70% chance of a take home baby and that is something to be excited about xxx

usedtorun Sat 13-May-17 01:15:04

Not sure about the referral as I had an ectopic in between (not sure if that counts in the same way a miscarriage), if it dies count or hat will be my third so I might do.

However, I do already have a DD(3) and a DSS(10) so we are thinking of stopping. We've had over a year of trying and the heartbreak that comes with it and the miscarriages, not sure I'm strong enough to keep going.

Positive things thoughts with you (and your colleagues)

usedtorun Sat 13-May-17 01:17:54

And no not been taking aspirin, seen it mentioned on here, but not been advised to myself yet

bfairbairn Sat 13-May-17 07:16:57

Well that is great that you already have children to enjoy (this is my first). At the moment this is very fresh for you and I'm not surprised you're feeling like stopping. I think that you need to rest and recover (if this is indeed another miscarriage) and then see how you feel when your cycles are back to normal. You will most likely have a healthy pregnancy next time. It would be a shame to give up now but I know (all too well) how anger, upset and frustration can take hold. I really hope that you can look after yourself over the next few weeks. You will come out the other side stronger and more certain about whether you want to try again... now is just about looking after your body.

usedtorun Sat 13-May-17 07:37:45

Yes absolutely I am very grateful for what I already have.

Thank you for your kind words and I'm rooting for everything to go well for you this time xx

Dozer Sat 13-May-17 07:42:21

Sorry you're going through this. Waiting and not knowing is really hard.

Prof Regan's team were excellent for me.

bfairbairn Sat 13-May-17 09:06:11

The spotting seems to have diminished (still there occasionally), but more like a yellowish tinge to cm. I am having the occasional shooting pains on my right which is hope is nothing serious (I didn't get this last time). Boobs swollen. Trying not to get excited. I'm only 4w 5d now. The EPU won't see me for another ten days!

usedtorun Sat 13-May-17 10:21:03

That's good you're still having symptoms and spotting is on its way out. Tomorrow you'll be in single digit days until you see them, it'll feel like ages, but it will pass

usedtorun Fri 19-May-17 07:02:21

How are you doing now @bfairbairn ?

bfairbairn Fri 19-May-17 07:32:18

I am almost certain that it is a miscarriage (haven't started bleeding but spotting has increased). I am fairly dizzy at times with swollen boobs and had a very strong positive pregnancy test a couple of days ago which doesn't mean anything really. I have my scan next Tuesday to confirm either way but holding out very little hope. I have booked in a private appointment with Dr Shehata at the recurrent miscarriage clinic in Epsom for a month's time. I am almost certain that there will be a cause found because it is happening at exactly the same time each pregnancy.

bfairbairn Fri 19-May-17 07:32:49

Hope that you're okay!

K8tieh123 Fri 19-May-17 13:07:21

Hello first time on here, sorry to hear some of the conversations it's a sad time for everyone... this was my first time being pregnant and I was over the moon started slightly spotting at 10wks booked for a scan which confirmed there was just a sac left, at this point I didn't take anything in and basically I had left the room but my body was still there trying to understand and take on what was being said. Today I have had a scan a week later to reveal that there had been no change and the sac remained there, now my options are to have intervention without being put to sleep as I fly on Wednesday or to have the intervention but be completely awake and I just don't feel I'm strong enough for that, so my other option is naturally which I would of opted for but my concerns are going away and trying to do this, I just don't know what to expect if I was on holiday of management myself? Any help advice would be much appreciated, I am to expect a hole lot of bleeding and cramp, the scan said I was measuring at 7 weeks andcouple of days? Thank you

bfairbairn Fri 19-May-17 13:37:30

I am sorry that you are going through this. It sounds very like my first experience. I opted for a natural miscarriage which took over two months to complete. The pain was completely bearable with some heavy duty painkillers but the most frustrating thing was the length of time that it took to return to normal. I had accepted that I wasn't pregnant, but my body was holding on. My second miscarriage was natural, swift and just like a period. My advice (though the decision must come from where you feel comfortable) is to have the op under anaesthetic (completely). Go on holiday and enjoy yourself and start afresh! All the stats are in your favour and you'll probably have a healthy bean round two x

K8tieh123 Fri 19-May-17 14:00:41

Thank you very much for your advice, I would have the op under anaesthetic but this will have to wait until I come back off my holiday as there's no time to do it, so my worry is leaving it and going on holiday I can't get the insurance for this so would be a risk to go and leave things until I'm back, I'm just worried I'll be taking a dip in the pool and tourney everything happen, I sound so stupid I know I'm just worried... I would like to start again for number two soon as and I thought I'd have more chance doing this if I did things naturally, I appreciate all adobe and thank you for getting back to me x

bfairbairn Fri 19-May-17 14:45:37

Can they not offer you a pill to speed things up?

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