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When will I be pregnant?

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Luluringo Thu 04-May-17 16:21:23

Feeling rubbish today with the arrival of my second AF post miscarriage. Here I was hoping that all this extra fertile chat was true and that , knowing we'd been at it like rabbits throughout the fertile window, a positive test would be coming soon. I had convinced myself of every pregnancy sign...sore boobs, implantation cramps, swollen stomach...but no such luck. I thought my main worry was another MC. Now I'm worried I won't get pregnant! I know it's still so soon but I'm so low! The pressure of ttc is getting a bit much every time.

When did everyone else get pregnant again after MC?

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Qtipsrsweet Thu 04-May-17 16:23:25

4 months for me after mine.

Luluringo Thu 04-May-17 16:40:01

Thanks you Qtips. Were you trying every month too? I fell pregnant first time before MC so I don't know what this 'extra fertile' thing means!

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PossibiliTea Thu 04-May-17 23:27:03

I'm still waiting for AF after 5 weeks but jumping on this thread as i want to know too! Hope you don't mind x

harrietm87 Fri 05-May-17 07:55:13

I conceived in Jan then miscarried mid-Feb at 5 weeks, ovulated 5 days later than normal taking first day of bleeding as cd1, then conceived again straight away (no period in between). Sadly miscarried that one too, but apparently nothing to do with the fact it was so close to the last one. I felt ready to try again and don't regret it. I'm having tests now though so have an enforced wait.

Misssmoo Fri 05-May-17 08:37:28

I am 5 weeks post d and c and still no period either pos long do people need to wait usually x

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 05-May-17 08:43:55

Luluringo I'm sorry about your MC - just shit isn't it! Your feelings are completely justified and I totally understand your desperation.

I had MC in March and like you the idea of being 'extra fertile' fills you with hope. I've now read studies that say the extra fertile thing apparently only lasts up to 8 weeks, so it looks like I've passed that window already. But on a positive note I've read hundreds of threads and posts where people say that got their BFP 4 - 8 months down the line. I know that may sound like a long time to wait but at least it's good to know that people got there eventually.

You're going to have days where you feel low but try not to put too much pressure on yourself (I am the worst at doing this!!). I'm wishing that we get our BFPs soon! Sending lots of love your way x

Luluringo Fri 05-May-17 17:52:34

Thank you for your replies. Feeling slightly better today. Before my MC is just went with the flow and didn't really have a clue about my cycles/ symptoms. Now I'm extra sensitive even ache and pain and, although they've probably been there, all seem very similar to the symptoms of pregnancy. I think that's why I was so disappointed. Trying my hardest to just relax and not become as fanatical about dates, ovulation etc. Find gers crossed for next month!

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Shiva83 Mon 08-May-17 20:10:57

Hi there, I miscarried in Jan and was told to wait 3 months as we had paid for test privately to try and find out the reason for our miscarriage. The test came back clear in March and we conceived again straight away but miscarried again last week. This is our 3rd miscarriage now but did have a little boy after our first. Best wishes, hope you get you bfp soon

emvy Tue 09-May-17 22:05:34

You sound exactly like me luluringo. Got my second af post mc last week and I was devastated when it arrived, assuming the extra fertile thing would apply to me as we too conceived first cycle before the mc without having a clue what my cycles were doing. Now I'm checking for ovulation, looking for signs that aren't there and wondering whether every moment could be the moment I'm "falling pregnant". It's exhausting isn't it?! I'm clinging to the feeling that, as a poster said above, it will happen at some point and until that moment comes I need to focus on other areas of my life. I hope you feel more positive soon. There are sunnier times ahead for us smile

TurquoiseDress Thu 11-May-17 16:42:36


What you've described sounds exactly like me!
I'm always absent-mindedly wondering if I'm pregnant, what is going on in my ovaries/uterus ha.

It is exhausting and I feel like I've had enough- even trying to distract myself hasn't worked, just trying not to think about it every day, but failing miserably.

Before my MMC I had fallen pregnant twice shortly after stopping the pill, had absolutely no idea what my 'normal' cycles were as I'd taken hormonal contraception since I was a teenager.

I'm now on TTC cycle 11 and it is getting very tedious indeed- the 1 year 'anniversary' of the MMC is looming in the next month or so.
We started TTC again as soon as I got a negative pregnancy test (about 3 weeks after the bleeding had started).

I thought I'd be (heavily) pregnant by now, not still trying to get off the starting blocks! sad

Hope that we all get our BFPs very soon flowers

emvy Thu 11-May-17 20:45:24

Sorry you're struggling TorquoiseDress. It really does suck. I really hope we get them soon too! 🤞🏻

Luluringo Sat 09-Jun-18 16:44:58

Found myself back on mumsnet as a new mum and came across this post that I had posted last year. Just over a year ago, I was consumed with the pain of a MC and the hope of a subsequent pregnancy. Fast forward to today and here i am cuddling my new born baby daughter, generating new worries such as why is my baby not sleeping! I remember, in my darkest moments, reading old posts and desperately seeking positive outcomes, wishing people would update their posts to explain their outcome. Therefore I thought it fitting to update this one to offer encouragement to those who may now find themselves in that dark post MC state as I did last year. Stick in there...It's hard but don't give up. Dreams really do come true. Mine did.

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Clarissaexplains Mon 11-Jun-18 00:35:03

Thanks I’ve just stumbled across this post having suffered a miscarriage today. This has given me hope.

Mistymeow Mon 11-Jun-18 15:03:02

Thank you OP. I'm at second post mc af and seeing your follow up has given me hope. It's like the happy ending to a story x

Vuduvu Mon 11-Jun-18 16:52:41

Thanks so much for coming back to post this and congratulations on your new arrival

harrietm87 Mon 11-Jun-18 17:35:18

This thread has just come up on my "threads I'm on" list - I also posted on this last May about having 2 consecutive mcs (3 in total). I'm lying here beside my gorgeous 7 week old son, who I conceived last July.

Luluringo Mon 11-Jun-18 19:20:31

So pleased to have offered hope to those currently finding themself in the position I was in this time last year. Congratulations to harriet on your new arrival too. Hang in there lost all hope but got there in the end and you will too. flowers

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Spooples Mon 11-Jun-18 19:55:23

Thank you so much for updating this. I started miscarrying on Friday and reading this has filled me with some hope for the first time since this nightmare began.

TurquoiseDress Wed 13-Jun-18 20:33:16


Congratulations on you both for your new arrivals! smile

The new posts got notified to me & I was intrigued about what I'd written etc. Reading what I wrote takes me back to some dark places.

I wanted to update too- I'm well into the third trimester & will be having baby no.2 next month!

In the end it take a good 14 months or so to conceive again, I was convinced it wasn't going to happen again for us.

Good luck to you all TTC after miscarriage/pregnancy loss thanks

harrietm87 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:00:36

Fantastic news @TurquoiseDress - congratulations!

And congrats to you too @Luluringo!

What a lovely thread - hope this gives hope to others

Luluringo Thu 14-Jun-18 10:35:24

Congratulations @turquoisedress. Great to hear of another positive outcome. grin

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Charrb91 Thu 14-Jun-18 19:08:28

As a bit of hope, I miscarried in January at 6+3, miscarried again in May (6th) at around 5 weeks, and now I’m pregnant again roughly 4 weeks. Hoping i can see this pregnancy through but stay positive. As hard as it sounds, i found that trying to forget and stop being stressed really does work! Also, incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Seems to have helped me smile

Vuduvu Fri 15-Jun-18 09:20:38

@Charrb91 congratulations and good luck for your pregnancy. I’m back to ttc now after second mmc in May... sometimes finding it hard to stay hopeful but I’m doing my best!

KnitKitty Mon 18-Jun-18 08:07:42

Ladies thank you so much for updating.

You've just made me cry tears I didn't know I was bottling up. I feel such utter relief and joy for you that you've had your rainbow babies.

I miscarried in March (and had a CP a couple of weeks ago) and am hoping for my rainbow. I've been trying not to put pressure on myself to conceive straight away, as I know it will happen when the time is right, but I didn't realise how strongly the nasty voice in my head was telling me it won't ever happen. This has really given me hope.

Thank you again.

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