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Lab report following d and c

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Misssmoo Fri 28-Apr-17 17:04:42

As the title says ....said they found a mature cystic teratoma and that it's benign and doesn't require follow up I'm really not sure what this is or if it had anything to do with my miscarrige.. I was 13 weeks when had d and c but baby died at 8.

Anyone know anything?xx

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:28:07

I had a MC at 12 weeks and at scan they spotted a benign dermoid cyst. Due to it's size I had to have another scan 6 weeks later. The cyst is now 10cm so I've been referred to gynaecology and will likely have surgery.

If they said that you don't need follow up, it's probably because your cyst is small, so I wouldn't worry too much. Do you know how big it is? I think anything over 5cm is usually kept an eye on.

Teratomas pretty much don't do anything and apparently there is no reason why people get them. You can't prevent it. They told me that it wasn't linked to my MC but I do sometimes wonder if it played a part but I guess I'll never know. x

Misssmoo Fri 28-Apr-17 20:13:25

Thanks for have they taken it away in my d and c or is it stull in there ? The letter is about 4 lines long ...I was thinking it must if been taken out if they know it's benign? X

Misssmoo Fri 28-Apr-17 20:14:36

I'm really confused I've booked an appt for my gp to explain .. I'm worrying over nothing ?? X

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 28-Apr-17 20:51:28

It's not necessarily been taken out for them to know it's benign ...they can know just by the way that it's formed and the type of cyst that it is. So with mine, they could tell just by the scan that it isn't cancerous.

I think it's good for you to speak to your GP if you feel you need more info about it. When they told me about mine, I wasn't given any information and found it all so confusing! ...I think some medical professionals forget that not everyone knows about this stuff.

But cysts aren't usually anything to worry about. Apparently loads of people have them. The only reason I'm even having mine removed is because it's huge ...I can see it when I lie down, it sticks out of my abdomen! The bigger they get the more of a risk there is of a rupture. So I'd assume that yours is smaller than 5cm, otherwise I think they have to keep an eye on it. x

Misssmoo Sat 29-Apr-17 08:48:01

It doesn't say how big so I'm not sure ...I think it's ridiculous that they send letters to people like that and obviously if your not won't know what it means I'll see what the doc says ...thanks xxx

ForeverHopeful21 Sat 29-Apr-17 10:01:00

Good luck xx

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