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Periods After ERPC

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amour1985 Tue 25-Apr-17 14:27:43

Hi All,
Desperately seeking some advice as I feel like I am losing my mind at the moment. Had a MMC at the end of last year (was 10 weeks but baby measured 7+4). Underwent ERPC on December 1st. Didn't lose much blood after the procedure, and surgeon said there wasn't much that they removed.
Since then, I have only had very dark brown/black spotting for a day or so each month, on what would have been my period dates prior to the MMC. I have had positive ovulation tests every month, with the exception of this month. However, the date I get the positve result varies each month. The month I fell pregnant it was CD11, then it has been around CD14, CD18 etc.
I underwent an ultrasound scan (external and internal) last Wednesday (CD18) and was told I had a large follicle ready to burst and that my lining and everything looked fine. I made an appointment at my Doctors yesterday to go through the report and I came out feeling like I was about to have a complete breakdown. First of all he asked me if I only had one ovary! WTF! Why would he say that. He then told me the lining measured 2mm and and that there was a small cyst on my right ovary (I think the same side as the lady doing the scan last week said there was a follicle?). As you can imagine, I was distraught and just wanted to go home. I did manage to speak to my usual GP later that day (a gynae specialist) who confirmed I did have 2 ovaries! and said she wasn't concerned about the cyst or the lining thickness. I thought it had to be a lot thicker than that sad but maybe explains why I hardly bleed etc. She said she was concerned that my periods were not back to normal so has now referred me to gynaecology at the hospital.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Light brown spotting, but fallen pregnant? I've obsessed about Asherman's Syndrome but the docs don't seem to be bothered about this.

I feel like I'm going crazy at the moment. I could literally sit at home all day and cry. I just want that feeling of being pregnant again - the same as I'm sure a lot of others do. I have friends popping babies out left right and centre and I'm really struggling to cope. I feel as though people just don't get it, and they think it's been a good few months now and I should just get on with it. If one more person says "It'll happen", "stop trying too hard", "just don't think about it", I'll scream! When your husband works shifts, a certain degree of planning has to go into these things - however unromantic that is!

My due date was the beginning of July and the closer it is getting, the worse I feel. I honestly thought I would have been pregnant again by now.

So sorry for my ramblings. I know plenty of other people must feel like this too xxxxx

Cocoabean25 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:41:54

My periods are also not back to normal and I seem to be getting sharp pains in the ovaries every time I'm on my period. I'm going to see me doctor about it. Completely understand the feelings of just wanting to cry all day! It's a horrible feeling when you just want to curl into a ball but have to get on with everyday life. Big hugs xxx

amour1985 Wed 26-Apr-17 23:17:27

Thanks lovely 💕💕 hugs to you too! I'm trying so hard to stay positive but really am stuck in a big black hole at the minute and feel like nobody around me actually gets how I feel. I hope you get some answers at the doctors 😘 It's such a shit time. Xxx

Cocoabean25 Fri 28-Apr-17 22:19:56

Have you heard anything else? Had an appointment from gynaecology yet? I saw a doctor yesterday and he's referring me for a scan. He's getting me one quickly so should have some answers soon. I definitely understand how you feel about being stuck in a hole. Getting through each day is a massive thing. Do you keep putting on a brace face? Never knew how much a miscarriage can hurt. It's horrible xxx

amour1985 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:03:46

I have an appointment at the hospital at the end of May. I have been putting a brave face on but I'm at the stage now where I literally cry at anything! I went shopping tonight, and it felt like every corner was a pregnant person. I sat down and just sobbed. I just want this feeling to end! I hope you get in for your scan quick and it's good your doc is listening. It took mine quite a while to take on board how I felt. Xxx

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