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Could I have had a miscarriage?

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angarroyo Mon 17-Apr-17 03:47:41

My partner and I have not been trying to conceive which is why I started nuvaring earlier this year near the end of February and it was working fine. I had my period by the end of the first month I started using it. And we did occasionally have unprotected sex. I do remember having unprotected sex around the first week I got the nuvaring. And this month my period came early. I was very confused and just let it be for the first week. It was very light spotting and sometimes it would stop and then start again. So since I thought I was having an early period I decided to take the nuvaring out after five days of spotting. This weekend I went to the gym like usual and did some heavy lifting, and I noticed some really bad cramping starting, and I thought maybe I would finally have a regular full on period and not just the spotting that day. I came home from the gym and I squatted down and felt something come out that wasn't blood. I went to the bathroom to check it out and it looked like a giant blood clot maybe? So I didn't make it a big deal even though that has never happened to me during any of my periods. I hopped into the shower and something else started coming out again, it was another blood clot similar to the one before but a bit bigger than the last one. Should I be worried? I'm not sure if this is normal for periods or if it was a possible miscarriage? Could I have been pregnant and not known?

MissBel12 Mon 17-Apr-17 20:37:33

It's probably too late to know now but if you did a pregnancy test on the day you were bleeding it would most likely show positive, if it was a miscarriage. Not sure if there's any point going to doctor as it might be too late to be able to tell. It may be worth going to doctor anyway to make sure the clots aren't being caused by anything else

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