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period after miscarriage - clots and heavy bleeding

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orange1231 Sat 15-Apr-17 13:27:58

Im sorry for the length of this post but I wanted to fit in as much detail as possible. PLEASE READ and help if anyone can in any way smile

I recently had a miscarriage on March 17th, although I was booked in for an appointment the following Tuesday to take treatment for a termination, this still came as a bit of a shock to me. I miscarried at exactly 5 weeks, I know this as I had a scan the day before at the BPAS clinic that confirmed everything was okay and I was 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant. The miscarriage started off with light blood and gradually carried on to get heavier and more painful throughout the day, later that night I rang 111 and they confirmed they think I was having a miscarriage and basically told me to just let it happen and go to my appointment the next week. The next day the pains were almost unbearable so I visited A&E where they gave me codeine which helped a lot. Although the pain was quite intense the bleeding was not what I expected a miscarriage to be like, I did not pass many clots so I was a bit worried something else was happening, however the night before my appointment with the BPAS clinic I passed a tiny clot which I expect was the "sack". The next day at my appointment they did a scan and confirmed I had miscarried, however although I had passed the sack it was "incomplete" and I would still bleed and pass clots for the next few days however the main part had gone, they also gave me a follow up appointment in 2 weeks time and a special termination pregnancy test (I think it was low sensitivity) to take before the appointment. The bleeding carried on for a few days but it wasn't as heavy as expected then stopped on the 25th of march when I assumed it was all over. On the 5th of April (around 2 weeks after the miscarriage) I had my final appointment at BPAS. Before going I took the special pregnancy test and at first I thought the result showed negative, however after a few minutes there was 2 lines (positive) with one very very faint, which had happened with every other test I had taken whilst pregnant so this worried me. However at the appointment they took a test and it came out negative (I worry this was wrong and they didnt wait long enough as mine took a few minutes to show positive) so they sent me home and everything was fine. 2 days ago on the 13th of april (27 days after the start of my miscarriage and 20 days since the end of it) I started what I thought was a period. I heard that it was meant to start within 4-6 weeks of a miscarriage but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway yesterday I experienced rather strong cramping and a lot of blood when I was going to the toilet so I got an emergency appointment with my doctor for that day. The doctor told me although it was early he thinks it's a period as if it was still part of the miscarriage I wouldn't of stopped bleeding in between, however he did ask if I had passed clots and I said no because at this point I hadn't. However later on that day and until now I have been passing large clots with some pain, the clots seem to only come when I go to the toilet and they are dark and sink to the bottom of the toilet (sorry for the detail), I would go as far to say the clots are worse than when I miscarried a few weeks ago, however the pain is not awful, just some cramps. I'm worried that I am passing the rest of the miscarriage as I feel like I didn't pass much more after they told me it was incomplete, and the clots seem a lot more noticeable now than they did previously. It's bank holiday weekend so I don't think I can get a doctors appointment and I'm not sure I need one? The pain isnt bad and I don't have to be anywhere in the next few days so I can handle it I just feel like I kind of want to know whats happening, however feel a bit stupid going back to the doctors as they told me they think it's a period. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I assume it may settle down now anyways as it has been quite heavy the past 2 days so I'm not sure there's anything the doctors could do at this point?

thank you smile

emvy Mon 17-Apr-17 08:28:55

I'm sorry for your loss orange. Some people experience heavy bleeding and clots during their first period post mc I think, so it certainly could just be that. There's a lot for the body to dispel. However, it could've been a bit of leftover "products". I would just give your EPU a call as soon as they're open and just talk them through what you've experienced with this "period" and just see what they say. They can reassure you or get you in for another scan to check everything is as it should be. I wish you all the best x

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