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Is it possible to have PND after a miscarriage long whingeing

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yumchoc Tue 11-Apr-17 21:46:34

I have a beautiful DD 8 months and Wasn't at all depressed after emergency C-section difficult pregnancy hyper premis 8 months 3.7 stone loss despite having weight again nutritional supplements 4 times daily gestational diabetes and small distress baby 0.4th percentile
With reflux feeding every hour for2 wks and she didn't sleep for more than a hour at a time until she was 4 months and feeding 2 hourly until 6 months my second pregnancy wasn't planned and I got around the negatives my husband made redundant 2 under2
felt scary and the hyper premises back full force but I felt lucky and in love it took 9 years for us to conceive our DD so we still felt blessed then my sickness went away I talked to my DH mum midwife who all reassured me every pregnancy is different I miscarried at 6 weeks and my emotions are everywhere it's almost four weeks since we lost our baby and I just don't feel myself I am really busy and I don't have time to myself except before going to sleep I cry I feel like I have to put on a front all the time Have gained weight stating my way through sadness ( in honesty I don't think my DH is grieving) he is under a lot of stress pressure exams interview and he wanted to be physical and I don't want too at the moment I said I had a miscarriage almost 4wks ago and he said I forgot this just broke my heart a little bit more and I keep think about DD scan at 6wks heart beating on the screen and how I don't have anything of the baby I lost

Cocoabean25 Tue 11-Apr-17 22:35:07

So sorry to hear what you're going through and how DH is being. Men really are from mars - I don't understand men or how their minds work. I'm not sure whether it's PND or grief. I too cried before I fell asleep for about 6 weeks solid and now still cry sometimes in bed (3 months on). It's horrible having to put on a front but I do find it helps to get through things then when you're feeling a bit stronger you can face your grief more. I also did not reach the 3 month point so didn't have a scan picture and hated not having anything to remember my baby by. I decided to buy a bracelet from pandora and got 3 charms (an angel, pink heart and heart with the birthstone of the baby's due date) which I wear everyday. There was also a toy cuddly mouse I was going to get if everything was ok at the 3 month scan but decided to get it anyway and I keep that on my bed and cuddle it when I'm upset. Big hugs to you xxx

Gingerbreadmam Tue 11-Apr-17 22:38:37

im so sorry for your loss yum.

i am 4 weeks on from a second trimester loss and struggling too. i doubt it is pnd but definitely grief. it takes time. things will get better tho.

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