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Mc.. How to cope and When to try again

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paigeleeforever182 Mon 10-Apr-17 04:30:06

I had recently had a mc. Found out I was about 4 weeks pregnant around mid Feb. Missed my period that month. Then around 6 weeks pregnant, I had a mc with heavy bleeding. I was so devestated and I'm so desperate to try again. My doctor told me I shouldn't get pregnant for 3 months, but I surprisingly had my period around the end of March like normal, and I'm hoping that my body is back to normal and it's safe to start trying again. This was my first pregnancy, first mc. And I've had such a hard time, trying to cope, especially seeing everyone else pregnant with their children. Everyone wanted this baby so much, and I wanna start trying again asap. Does anyone have any advice about how to make things easier? Or possibly if it is safe to try again? 😔😔

Luluringo Mon 10-Apr-17 16:15:40

Sorry for your loss. I too had a MC 5 weeks ago amd it was my first pregnancy too. It's a horrible time and I still feel sad now but it does get better. The worst part for me is the worry that there is somethibg wrong with me so trying again was high on my agenda. I was told that I could try again whenever I felt ready. Decided to wait till my first period, which came on Saturday, and will ttc in the next few days. There is no need to wait till 1st period, they just tell you that for dating reasons. For me, I just wanted to know my body was working properly and to 'flush out' and excess (sorry tmi!!). I totally know how you are feeling and am here if you need to talk. Stay positive. X

emvy Tue 11-Apr-17 20:05:16

I'm sorry for your loss paigelee. Take time to look after yourself and heal emotionally. It's a long old journey. However, I'm not sure why you were advised to wait 3 months. I've actually not heard that one before! You're apparently actually more fertile in the first 3 months after mc although I'm sure that must vary and probably isn't something to get hooked on. I was told to wait for a negative test, others I've heard have been told to wait until after the first period for dating reasons, as luluringo said. There is no need to wait once you've stopped bleeding if it's what you want. Best of luck to you flowers

MissBel12 Fri 14-Apr-17 20:53:01

Hello, I'm so sorry for your loss. I miscarried last week at 6 weeks pregnant, and the doctor told me to just wait 2 weeks before having intercourse (I'm not exactly in the mood for it anyway, so no rush there!). But they didn't say wait any longer from a physical perspective

QueenKitty Wed 03-May-17 13:35:01

Hi all, I'm sorry for your losses, it really does seem so unfair

I had to have an ovary removed in Nov, once I was feeling better we decided to TTC for our first at the start of the year.
Found out mid march that we were pregnant, and were very excited.
Unfortunately, I started bleeding at 7 weeks and MC naturally

I guess I'm just feeling the emotional effects of the last few months, we are both desperate to fall again. But I'm just feeling so fed up and overwhelmed by it all.

I've been using OPK's and had a positive result 2 days ago (CD23 if I count start of MC as day 1, negative pregnancy test by CD11)) so we have been trying.

My doctors hadn't advised me I needed to wait, but then they didn't tell me I was at higher risk of Ectopic pregnancy and entitled to an early scan due to my surgery.
So now I'm a little worried we should have left it a little longer before trying?
Is it purely a dating issue when they advise waiting a month?

Thanks x

QueenKitty Wed 03-May-17 13:44:44

sorry forgot to add
I'm not sure if theres a way to make it easier, but I did read a post which was really helpful ( can't remember where I'm afraid) it said maybe get a little token to acknowledge the loss.
It suggested if you can getting a plant which may flower around the due date, we don't have a garden but I got a small star necklace which I wear all the time. I feel like this gives us some sense of recognition of what we went through. x

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