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Clots after ERPC

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Orifu Sun 09-Apr-17 15:38:05

Help/advice please! Had an ERPC 4 days ago after MMC- bleeding very light initially but last two days has become much heavier- quite red. Today I've been cramping and bleeding and passed two really big clots. About 4cn across I reckon- is this normal? I'm panicking a bit and it's bringing home the emotion of it all. I don't know who to ask as to whether it's normal or should I be calling doctor?

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SummerRayne17 Sun 09-Apr-17 15:43:16

Hi OP, the same thing happened to me and i ended up having to have the ERPC repeated! Please give the hospital a call and get checked out. They took me straight in for another scan. Good luck x

fuzzywuzzy Sun 09-Apr-17 15:46:09

I had this with an SMM last year & needed a repeat SMM.
Definitely call your EPAU they did another scan and discovered I had retained product and immediately arranged an SMM. I refused to medical management as the whole point of going for the surgical route was so I could put it behind me.

If you're in pain you can take paracetamol and ibuprofen. But definitely call the EPAU or your gp.

conkerchops Sun 09-Apr-17 15:51:17

I have just had the same thing - pain and bleeding 5 days after ercp - went to out of hours gp as had high temp too - they started me
On iv antibiotics and sent me
Via ambulance into hospital where scan showed retained product and had to have Erpc repeated - definitely get it checked out.

DT2016 Sun 09-Apr-17 20:35:59

^ what these ladies said, call epu and get checked. Hope you're on road to recovery soon.

Orifu Sun 09-Apr-17 21:40:44

Thanks- called 111 and got sent to out of hours and had an examination and some more clots manually removed- they've booked me in for a scan tomorrow. Thank you so much all for the advice- really glad I phoned and went in.

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