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Mmc no 2 in 4 months

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Stuckinstressville Sat 01-Apr-17 19:24:17

So back again... this is a bIt rambling as am a mess.

Had eprc in December for a 10 weeks but foetus lasted to 8 wks mmc it looked like. Was able to go private and get the op.

Pregnant again but had a minor bleed this week when I should be 6 weeks. Scan showed empty uterus despite cb 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Had bloods on wed and Friday this week- progesterone was low and 19. Scan letter at epu said pregnancy in unknown location.

Hcg was 1100 Wednesday then only a touch higher two days later.

The midwife at epu called today to confirm that I should expect to mc. However a real blow was she misread my results initially in the call and said 'oh wow it's gone up loads congrats! ' Then went 'oh god am sorry it really hasn't... only 100 increase ' she then said if lots pain go to a&e as could be ectopic and epu is shut at weekends, to get more bloods next week to see the hcg lower ! Panic much!?

So now I wait.

How do I wait? Should I return to work? How can I leave the house? Am so confused and so upset.

Oh and I have a dc1 18months old. No hibernation allowed.

Also - this is my third mc- the first one was a chemical. What are my options?

JCleRoux Sat 01-Apr-17 19:30:07

Hi OP. I am so sorry for your loss. I would suggest also that you go a&e if it's really painful to rule out ectopic. Maybe check with your GP and insist on getting referred for fertility investigations.

In the meantime give your DC a hug and be kind to yourself. Can't your DP/H entertain the DC for a little while and give you a break?

I am sorry again flowers

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