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Pregnant after 30+ mc

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cassiew19781978 Thu 30-Mar-17 10:50:49

So it's been 8yrs since I've been on here I've been on a break from getting pregnant after all my now 38 I'm hoping my body's changed doubt it but u gotta think positive I'm not going the hospital yet I'm just gonna ride it out I usually mc at 5-6 weeks so that's coming sorry bout rant just had 2 write it down as I've not told anyone my partner doesn't know about my mc as my ex partner used 2 torment me about it I know my new partner would never say anything nasty but been with him 3yrs and I think I should of told him at the start embarrassed about it don't know why just something I refuse 2 talk about anyway thanks for listening reading rather any advice would be great.xx

PossibiliTea Thu 30-Mar-17 23:44:26

Keep thinking positive! So sorry for your losses and like you said the break may have been what your body needed. You shouldn't feel embarrassed to talk about it, it will help you to.

Have you had tests? It might be worth going to talk to a gp?

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