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At my wits end! Help

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FuckDietCoke Mon 27-Mar-17 19:08:09

I was 9 weeks pregnant and miscarried and opted to have it surgically removed as I didn't want to wait to pass it. This was on the 24th Feb.

Two weeks later I collapsed due to very heavy bleeding and was admitted to A&E and then to emergency gynaecology. They didn't really say much except to wait it out.

It slowed right down, I stopped bleeding and then last Thursday I woke up drenched in blood, bleeding right through a pad every half hour, again I was admitted to A&E, then to gynaecology and was prescribed mefenamic (maybe spelt wrong?) acid. This stemmed the bleeding. I'm still taking acid regularly but again I've started losing so much blood and quite quickly. It starts so fast too! I'm sat on the floor crying, healthcare providers keep fobbing me off, I've had so much time off work.

Has anyone else had this? It's a never ending nightmare sad

FuckDietCoke Mon 27-Mar-17 19:08:43

Just to add, I've had swabs which came back clear, no infections and no pregnancy remains left. sad

Cocoabean25 Mon 27-Mar-17 20:13:03

So sorry to hear you are going through all this when you're already going through a stressful time. All I can say is to phone your GP and get an emergency appointment. I've also found the doctors through 111 very helpful and usually very thorough. Might there be an infection further up, perhaps in your womb, that hasn't been picked up on a swob? Definitely sounds like it would be worth giving you antibiotics just in case xx

FuckDietCoke Mon 27-Mar-17 21:35:56

coco thanks for your response. I've been given antibiotics already, there's no infection present. sad x

VisionsofJohanna Tue 28-Mar-17 05:51:26

So sorry to hear this. Currently awake as also bleeding following a mmc at 12 weeks. I waited at home for it to pass naturally and like you ended up collapsing due to blood loss, experiencing contractions and spending a day in hospital over the weekend.

I know what you mean about the fast blood loss, it is terrifying and I'm sorry you feel fobbed off. I am scared (first pregnancy) but do have EPU follow up appointment on Wednesday, GP on Thursday and the hospital have said come back at any time so I do feel supported for now.

Can you get an emergency GP appointment today so at least you have someone to talk to about it again? Not a huge amount of help I'm afraid sad

FuckDietCoke Tue 28-Mar-17 11:25:09

visions sorry to hear of your loss flowers I'm worrying because it's been over a month now, the bleeding stopped and started and the acid seemed to stop it. Now it's back with a vengeance and I cannot pull my knickers up quick enough before it starts to splash everywhere and trickle down my legs.

Been admitted to A&E, EPU x2 and have a GP appointment tonight who I'm sure will just refer me to a gynae (seen them twice already) I just want an answer as to why I'm bleeding, not something to just mask it.

I hope you feel better soon.

VisionsofJohanna Tue 28-Mar-17 11:51:42

Good luck this evening too, I hope you get some answers and start to feel better flowers

DT2016 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:39:30

So sorry to hear you're going through this. I went through 4 months of hell like this and totally understand the misery and trauma you are going through.
I've posted separately about my experience but long story short, I was eventually diagnosed (3 months after having lost my baby) as having had a cervical ectopic pregnancy. I ended up having emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and 6 blood transfusions. It was very scary indeed.
In my case, the Nhs got it totally wrong from the outset. I was given many different reasons for the continued bleeding and untold amounts of tranexamic acid and all sorts of unnecessary hormones before getting the right treatment that actually helped me.
I really hope you get some answers and the help you need very soon. Don't be fobbed off and insist to be seen by a gynae consultant asap.

FuckDietCoke Tue 28-Mar-17 20:27:35

dt thank you. I want all the possible answers I can get! Glad you're finally sorted - I'm sat on the toilet as I speak with heavy bleeding. I honestly can't cope a day longer.

Doctor booked me in for a ultrasound again, which can take up to 6 weeks! sad

DT2016 Wed 29-Mar-17 11:28:03

Oh hun, 6 weeks is no good!! Can you ask your GP to refer you to EPU for an urgent scan or are you able to self refer?
Have you had your bloods taken to check iron levels? You may be anaemic as you have been bleeding heavily, which makes you feel like crap, on top of everything else you're going through sad
I kept having to go back to a&e each time I stopped taking the tranexamic acid and started haemorrhaging again.
I hope you have someone with you and get yourself to a&e if needs be.
I really hope you get sorted soon. Hang in there. This will get resolved, but you may have to push to see the right person.

PossibiliTea Thu 30-Mar-17 23:28:45

So sorry you are going through this as if the process of miscarriage isn't enough psychologically this happens too.

If you haven't been seen already it's worth calling the NHS 111 number and be as explicit with the detail as you can they may get an ambulance to you or paramedic to help you at home or get you an emergency appointment so you don't have to go through A&E x

DT2016 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:48:11

How are you doing FuckDietCoke?

FuckDietCoke Wed 05-Apr-17 07:23:36

I've had my HCG checked and the levels went down slowly, but they did go down. Been back and forth to EPU, called 111 who admitted me to A&E who then sent me EPU.

Once again woke up covered in my own blood, not great today DT flowers

DancingUnicorn Wed 05-Apr-17 14:46:38

So sorry you don't have any more answers. Thinking of you. 💐

FuckDietCoke Wed 05-Apr-17 14:51:34

I'm been seen by urgent care. Despite losing clots still and bleeding so heavily I went through my trousers at work they won't scan me as the urgent scans are saved for ectopics.

The gynae ward won't even see me. sad

DancingUnicorn Wed 05-Apr-17 14:53:17

That seems so unfair. I'm so sorry. Are you losing enough that you need transfusions? Wish there was something helpful I could say/offer. 💐

angelinheaven Wed 05-Apr-17 15:10:10

Went through the same thing for 3 months, got rush to hospital where they said I had no infection, was on uv drip antibiotics to be on safe side. I then went home and got no answers. I was then told I could bleed for months !!!!! And given different tablets to try and slow bleeding down, and if it didn't work would have blood transfusion as was losing too much blood. So all this for 3 months. I then stopped bleeding, after it eased for a couple of weeks, and out the blue I got a phone call from the hospital saying I did have an infection and how was I now. Wtf I suffered for 3 months, they done nothing and turns out there was an infection.
Push push push for answers and show them your blood lose and ask if that's normal because it isn't
Good luck and thinking of you as you've been through the cruliest thing and now you have to try and cope with this flowers

DT2016 Wed 05-Apr-17 19:45:02

Can you ask your GP to do an urgent referral to a different hospital for second opinion? My GP suggested it and did it for me. Events ended up taking over before I saw consultant but I did get the appointment through very quickly.
Thinking of you. Really hope you get sorted very soon flowers

FuckDietCoke Fri 07-Apr-17 17:42:53

Thanks for your messages and advice. I Thought I'd update you all!

After being seen three times by EPU after my MC as I was experiencing severe blood loss and high HCG levels still. I was sent away with acid, so then it was a trip to a walk in centre (after collapsing due to blood loss twice) a trip to A&E and another visit to the hospital which I was refused by urgent care services at the hospital, them refusing to send me for a scan and basically sending me on my way it turns out I have remains of conception left which is causing the bleeding, pain and dizziness.

I'm so angry, why did no one listen to me sooner? sad

DancingUnicorn Sat 08-Apr-17 07:49:40

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. Are they doing something to help now?

FuckDietCoke Sat 08-Apr-17 20:00:23

They were sending my scan to my GP which she'll pick up on Monday. I suppose I'll hear then.

Just filled a huge sanitary towel in 20 minutes to the point it was running down my thighs. Another huge clot lost. How can they just leave me like this?! Really unsure what to do. Thanks for listening dancing flowers

DancingUnicorn Sat 08-Apr-17 20:12:39

Oh no!! I can't believe they sent you home again for the weekend. sad I'm so sorry, what a nightmare! I would assume they will offer you surgical management to help complete the process?! I really hope this is all sorted for you soon. 💐

IcecreamRocks Sat 08-Apr-17 20:22:27

This happened to me, I was given an ultrasound after medication didn't help. Turned out I had retained some tissue and was given and urgent D&C.
Cannot believe they have let you suffer this long. Hope you get sorted very soon flowers

FuckDietCoke Sat 08-Apr-17 20:36:47

dancing I can't believe they sent me home either! My GP works Saturdays so would of received the details as they're sent electronically. I don't want to go back to A&E (well I do, to see the nurse that was horrible on Thursday and give her what for for fobbing me off) but I doubt they'll be able to do much.

icecream I'm so sorry you went through this misery too, I've been constantly bleeding for six weeks. How urgently did they give you a D&C? I've lost another clot in the last ten minutes, tempted to ring 111 and see what they can do... sad

DancingUnicorn Sat 08-Apr-17 20:57:00

I would ring, though I have read that they can sometimes ask stupid questions, so maybe be prepared for that! I honestly can't believe they've sent you home after everything you've already been through. If you don't get an emergency procedure first thing Monday at least then it's crazy!! (I'm hoping they can do it tomorrow for you, but...)

Thinking of you. <3

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