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Private recurring miscarriage clinic/ Dr Notts/ Derby area

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zaalitje Sat 18-Mar-17 11:34:44

I've had a couple of mcs and my dr has referred me to the NHS recurrent MC clinic, however they have no apointments available and I've heard stories of people waiting 9 months for first appt.

As I also have low amh (0.6) we've decided to go for ivf with de, however before using up all savings persuing that avenue I want to be sure that I won't get pregnant just to MC again and wondered if anyone could recommend a private specialist in the East Midlands area?

I'm 40, so time is of the essence and I don't think I can wait potentially until Christmas for answers.

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purpleflower23 Sat 18-Mar-17 17:35:00

I don't have any answers but I'm also looking for something in the East Midlands so I'll sit here with you and hope somebody else comes along soon with answers if that's OK?! smile

zaalitje Sat 18-Mar-17 17:53:50

I'm sorry you have to be here too Purple. I've been reading through old threads, send Professor Quenby based Warwick is highly regarded, may see if I can send refer even though out of area. Least it's not as far as London, which everything else feels like it is.

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NicolaC17 Sat 18-Mar-17 21:15:53

I'm Midlands based and I would recommend professor Quenby at Coventry. If you are thinking privately then I've heard good things about Midlands fertility clinic and if things don't work out this time for me I'll be speaking to them. I'm part of the SIM trial at Coventry (run by Quenby) that's worth taking a look at.

Good Luck

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