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Miscarriage/ coping/ please help me

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Charlottehill123 Thu 16-Mar-17 22:54:30

I was pregnant with a little boy, me and my partner grew to love him so much and one day I misscarried whilst at work, I blame myself so much for this and I really can't get over it. It's been 6 months now and I still talk to the scan picture, I kiss the picture every night before bed and I kiss it when I wake up to feel close to my little boy, we bought him a teddy and I have slept with him every single day since. I talk to the teddy just to feel close to him, I feel like everyone's forgot about my little morgan apart from me and I miss him so much. How do people cope ?

Sritchie92 Mon 20-Mar-17 12:38:17

I was just looking through the forum posts after posting one of my own. No one has replied to me yet and I scrolled through and saw yours was also unreplied to.

Just wanted to say I'm sorry, and I hope you manage to get to a place where you can cope with the awful thing that has happened to you. It truly is the worst thing. No one has forgotten about him and I'm thinking of you x

MollyHuaCha Mon 20-Mar-17 12:42:56

So sad for you. No words can help really. Please take some comfort in the knowledge that this happens to many many people. There are millions around the world who have had this dreadful experience and understand your pain. For you > flowers

angelinheaven Mon 20-Mar-17 16:52:19

Hi just read your post and it made me cry, I have to reply to you. I have been through the same, I was pregnant with twins and lost one quite early, I thought everything was going to be fine with my second twin who was a little boy aswell, as all scans where showing him growing and at perfect size, then at next scan his little heart beat had stopped only 3 days previous. I then carried him for another 3 weeks before I had to let go and gave birth naturally at home in my bedroom.
I'm sorry, but the pain for me has never healed I've just learnt to live with it, I have lots of things at home that remind me of him, and I have photos that I look at of him when he was born. I have a song that reminds me of him, and on really bad days keep singing it, it may sound mad to some people but it helps.
I have other dc that have helped me so much.
I won't ever be the same again after losing my babies, you go through the tears, the anger, the numb, and some how you come out the other end.
But yes not a day goes by where I don't think about my angel in heaven and wounder what they would now be like, I miss them so much still after 2 years.
My reply probably hasn't helped but I want you to know your not alone and it's natural how your feeling. Cry if you want or shout, no one can tell you how to feel, I'm so sorry xxxx

angelinheaven Mon 20-Mar-17 16:56:20

And just to add, I felt that everyone had forgot my babies, and that it was just another miscarriage.
You will never forget and that's all that counts, and it wasn't just a miscarriage it was your baby boy bear

Chottie Mon 20-Mar-17 16:58:26

I had three miscarriages over 30 years ago and I still remember them. My heart goes out to you, that rawness of emotion is something you never fully get over..... but I've learnt to live with it.

Be kind to yourself and do what you need to do for you. flowers.

Hobbitch Mon 20-Mar-17 17:05:39

It was not your fault OP. You're not to blame. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I lost my first baby through a late miscarriage 3 years ago and I won't ever gorget the pain, it was the worst experience of my life. What helps me is that I now have another child who would never have existed if I hadn't lost his sister. He is wonderful and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Look after yourself, it's an unbearable time to go through. Do what you need to do to grieve. I hope you have good support around you. flowers

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