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Spotting during luteal phase after miscarriage

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Sunseeker17 Thu 16-Mar-17 08:13:03

As some of you may know I had a silent miscarriage at 9wks a few months ago. Opted to Mc naturally. My period came back about 4 weeks thereafter, although I had some brown spotting in the five days leading up to it. At the time I simply chalked it up to it being my first period which is likely to be whacky. However I'm now on my second cycle post Mc and 7dpo and I started brown spotting again at 5dpo. Not a lot, just noticeable when I wipe (sorry if tmi!). I'm only due af next Tuesday (I have 25 day cycles) so this is a whole week before my period is due?! I've had some spotting before the mc but that would be like a one or two days before AF. I'd love to think I'm pregnant and that's IB but my instincts tell me I am not.

Has anyone had anything similar? How long does it take for things to get back to normal? I'm just worried it will stop me from getting pregnant again...confused

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