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PTSD miscarriage

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user1489501982 Tue 14-Mar-17 15:29:08

I live with Post traumatic stress from rape many years ago but it really effected my Longed for pregnancy it took 9years
I had early scan vaginal I had panic attack and could not sleep for weeks I had Cognitive behavioural therapy as I could not bear the thought of having flashbacks at Birth I could not have been examined
So I had planned for a elective c-section but ended up having emergency c- section because of growth problems
because I couldn't take the flashbacks tainting our beautiful baby

And under the circumstances it was the best birth experience I could have had the Nhs staff did there up most
I got pregnant again unplanned but still a blessing 7 months after DD born
Had hyperpremis with 1st 9months
2nd sickness lasted two weeks I said to my husband last wk I don't feel right my symptom have gone I saw midwife yesterday for my booking appointment she said Every pregnancy is different and it made me feel better
today woke up with pain and blood passed two clotts still cramping and bleeding I feel Our baby is gone My mum is desperate for me to go and have a scan but I know there's nothing anyone can do and I just don't want to have another vaginal scan Or have bloods I feel sick having blood done as it triggers me having metal in my body I said I would call midwife when she gets back at 4.30 today
I just want to hide way
My question is will they make me have scan and bloods done I am or was 5-6 weeks I just feel so sad and anxious

emvy Tue 14-Mar-17 16:02:25

I'm so sorry you're going through a difficult time. In all honesty I don't know what they will suggest. I think if you explain your situation, maybe speak to your GP as well who I'm assuming has an understanding of your condition, they will be able to support you in some way. I guess there is no reason really why you can't miscarry naturally and then a few weeks later take a pregnancy test to confirm that the miscarriage is completed, as long as you don't end up losing too much blood or having any retained products. In which case, they may need to scan to check there is nothing left but it may not come to that. Speak to your midwife, like you say, explain and ask if it is an option to wait it out and check yourself and see what he/she says. I wish you the best of luck in coping with this heartbreaking experience as best you can flowers please look after yourself and take as much time out as you need to recover

greylove Tue 14-Mar-17 16:06:34

Emvy Thank you for your kind words

Lonelystarbuckslover Tue 14-Mar-17 19:03:16

I'm so sorry this is happening, I had a mmc a couple of years ago. I can't deal with things inside me either, not so much as a tampon, never mind a transvaginal scan. I had to have one to confirm the MC but when they were checking everything had gone, I just had a 'normal' scan. I never had a blood test during my mmc diagnosis or management and I was a bit further along than you.

I would speak with your GP and spell out that you are phobic to any professional you encounter. The transvaginal scans left me with PTSD and I've had counselling over that.

Feel free to PM if you want to chat.

I'm so sorry this is happening. Xx

Mumtonone Tue 14-Mar-17 21:15:25

Hi User

So sorry you are in this position. {{{hugs}}}

I have vaginismus and have a similar phobia on internal or intimate examinations. My DS was born by c-section for this very reason, and I had to battle with my consultant to get this.

I suffered from a MMC a few weeks back. I has an ultra sound scan which detected no heartbeat and they suggested an internal scan (as they can often pick up a heartbeat this way in early pregnancy that ultrasound cannot), I manage to do this and again no heartbeat was detected. However I was assured that if I didn't want to they could do repeated ultrasound scans to try to detect a heartbeat or diagnose miscarriage.

I was scheduled for a DNC operation a week later, again as I felt the miscarriage and my vaginismus would be easier to deal with if I was out cold rather than the trauma of waiting for miscarriage to begin and bleeding over several days/weeks.

I never made it to the original DNC date and took severe cramps similar to labour pains. I was admitted to hospital and give liquid morphine for the pain on top of the usual pain medication. My consultant offered an internal exam to see what was happening (fearing products stuck in my cervix) however knowing my history offered an emergency DNC.

I had this, pre surgery I was given the option of taking tablets orally or vaginally (insert myself or by nurse) to soften the cervix. The DNC went smoothly and, for me, was the best option - would do again if ever in the same position.

There are ways for the hospital to support you through this, without intrusive examinations. So please don't seek their support/advice.

Happy to chat if you feel this would help. xox

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