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Confusing time 3.5 months after miscarriage

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123Fox123 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:15:45

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice and information. On 30th November I found out I'd had a missed miscarriage when I went for a scan at 9 weeks. Two weeks after that my body still hadn't recognised my foetus was no longer alive so I had a D&C operation. There were no complications after the operation and I only spotted for one week. It took 6.5 weeks for my period to arrive. My period was normal. I bought the clear blue advanced ovation kit to track when I was high and peak fertility. However, I only reached high fertility so this means I didn't ovulate. I am now 10 days late with still no sign of a period. I have tested four times and they have all come back negative so I know I am definitely not pregnant.

My question is: should I treat day one as the day I was due to start my period and use the fertility strips during my expected ovulation time next month, or is it likely I will still get a period during the next week even though I didn't ovulate last month? I've been trying to find information on this online but can't find anything for when I should start testing again. My husband and I are keen to start trying again properly but we're just unsure of when is best.

Any advice will be really appreciated 😊.


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emvy Sat 11-Mar-17 15:05:44

Hi fox, I have no experience of this as only just had a d&c myself and therefore won't be looking to ttc again for a few weeks yet but I actually thought I'd reply from the capacity of someone with an irregular cycle as that could potentially just be what's happening to you at the moment as your body just hasn't settled back into a pattern yet.

I was told by my GP prior to my pregnancy to not use ovulation kits as I wouldn't know when I was ovulating and therefore I'd just end up using loads and it'd just be a waste. Instead, she just advised dtd 'at least 3 times a month'... we actually dtd every other day and I fell pregnant the first month. My advice would be to focus on you, on who you are as a post miscarriage, non-pregnant person and dtd regularly for another couple of months and see what happens. If then, your cycles have still not settled, seek some professional advice. I entirely understand if you don't want to wait though, I certainly didn't and as soon as we were ttc and my cycles were irregular I went straight to the gp, it just turns out I didn't really need to. Do what feels right for you but don't stress yourself out with ovulation kits.

emvy Sat 11-Mar-17 15:07:47

Oh and my other point was, you could ovulate at a random point in your cycle as things haven't settled so just keep testing with the kits if that's the way you really want to go smile

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