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2nd ectopic

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Mummymand82 Fri 10-Mar-17 17:56:37

Hello everyone. I had an ectopic pregnancy in Dec 09 and had my left tube removed. I was told my right tube was fine and in good working order. I then went on to have a successful pregnancy with a DD in July 2011 via c-section. I recently discovered I was pregnant again middle of Feb 2017 then at 6+5 days I was spotting (sorry if tmi) which I went to get checked straight away due to my history. I had a scan and the results was inconclusive. So I had my beta hcg levels checked. They was quite low for 6 weeks to start with. 250 then 48 hrs after I got told they reduced to 220 so was expecting a normal mc. On Friday 24th Feb I passed what I thought was the pregnancy along with heavy period like bleeding. The bleeding seemed to taper off so thought no more of it. Then on Friday last week (4th march) I started getting a brown discharge again which didn't settle. So I made an appointment to see my gp (ended up seeing a stand in gp) who told loads of lies to get me seen straight away that day in the gynaecology ward at my local hospital. Because I had taken a pregnancy test the day b4 and it was very much still positive and the test they did was they ordered another scan which gave me an devastating blow that I had another ectopic pregnancy in my right tube. I opted for the option of removal as they explained they could remove the pregnancy and close tube back but would mean even higher risk of future ectopic and I cannot emotionally and physically go through that again. Anyway my question is could this ectopic pregnancy have been caused by damage/scarring to my Fallopian tube from the c-section surgery due to being told previously and having a successful pregnancy before that the tube was healthy. Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.

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