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Pregnancy after miscarriage - were you offered a scan at 7 wks?

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JaneEyreFunfair Wed 08-Mar-17 11:33:08

I have just had a miscarriage nearly two weeks ago. It was my first pregnancy. I was 12 wks from my LMP (and only 4 days before I was supposed to have my 12 wk scan), but the measurements the doctor gave show that is stopped developing very, very early on.

It is sad and frustrating to think that it took so long for the miscarriage to start - it feels like my time was somehow wasted, and we were given this false sense of security to start making plans and believing that we were going to be parents, when all along it was never going to happen. Although, I did say all along that I didn't feel pregnant, as I had very few pregnancy symptoms - in retrospect, I suppose this was a bad sign, but the midwife at my booking in appointment didn't seem concerned about it, so I'm some women have no symptoms and still have a healthy pregnancy.

It took us four months to get pregnant, and then 12 wks of this pregnancy, and now it will possibly up to 8 more wks to get my period back and try again (I'm still having some light bleeding). That's an awful long time just to get back to square one. I'm 33, so not that old, but I do feel that my time is somewhat limited, plus we were 'waiting to try' for two/three years before that, so it feels like it's been forever.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that the doctor said, if/when I get pregnant again, I should have a scan at 7 weeks. This would be a massive relief, as, if there was a heartbeat and a developing fetus at this point, I'd know we'd already be further along than this time, and I wouldn't have to wait until 12 weeks to know more.

But this was not at my normal hospital, I was at work when I started bleeding, and went in to the nearest hospital, where I was given an emergency scan and the bad news. She did write it in my discharge notes, though, so I have it in writing.

I just want to know if this scan at 7 weeks is normal and if anyone has any advice on making sure my hospital will go ahead with this?

I went straight to the GP at 5 weeks this time and got a referral to the midwives, but I didn't have my booking-in appointment until 9 weeks. I guess next time I can self-refer direct to the midwives, but I'm just feeling very anxious that they'll say it's a different policy here. Maybe I could check this with them now somehow?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

nursebickypegs Wed 08-Mar-17 11:35:03

I'm sorry OP, I wish I could offer secure advice. I've lost 2 babies, one at 6 weeks and one at 7 weeks. I wasn't given a scan with either of those, just a blood test and I took a pregnancy test 28 days after. I hope it goes well.

Beelands Wed 08-Mar-17 11:39:08

Not routinely here, no. The scan department is the most stretched opd in the hospital.

There are quite a few places that offer walk in scans on request. I had one at St George's in tooting. Alternatively it's not too pricey to get one done privately.

Best wishes and hope you get a BFP quickly x

soundsystem Wed 08-Mar-17 11:40:01

I had a scan at 8 weeks, following a miscarriage.

At somebody hospitals you can self refer to to the Early Pregnancy Unit for a scan - you could call and see if this is the case?

In my case, I asked the GP to refer me as, like you, I'd been told that they would do one. He was a bit arsey about it, but did call them and make an appointment for me.

Etak15 Wed 08-Mar-17 11:49:08

I had miscarried with my first - started bleeding at 12 wks -a week before my scan too! Also found out that it had happened early on - the couldn't see anything on normal ultrasound had to do internal.
With my next pregnancy about 3 months later when I saw the midwife at booking appt I more or less begged for an early scan, and had one at 8 weeks - but don't think this is routine - and you could have a scan at wks and something could still happen between 8 and 12 wks.
My midwife explained to me that it's 1 in 3 chance of miscarriage so think of it that you've had yours now and this time will be ok (which it was) helped me at the time but I know sadly that's not always the case.
This was 10 years ago but now the cost of private scans is relatively cheap - maybe would be worth it to put your mind at rest

JaneEyreFunfair Wed 08-Mar-17 11:56:54

Thanks for the answers, everyone - I did have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't be done as routine. But it does sound as though I may be able to get one if I push for it.

soundsytem, that's a good tip, I will try and check with the Early Pregnancy Unit.

Etak, that sounds very much like what happened to me, they had to do an internal scan to see anything. It's good to know that your next pregnancy was ok. I know intellectually that there's no reason why it won't be for me too, but I know I will still feel very anxious until I know for sure. I hadn't thought of going private, but it's worth considering.

AgainPlease Wed 08-Mar-17 12:21:53

Hi Jane you have not wasted any time - maximum 9 months maybe??? Took my DH and I 2 years TTC (unexplained infertility) plus self-funded IVF to get pregnant, I went in to preterm labour at 20 weeks and then lost my son. I had more IVF 3 months later which failed and more IVF (so we're talking about £20,000 down by now) after that and I'm now miscarrying at 7 weeks. Total so far about 3 years.

Here's an idea: pay for a private scan at 7 weeks if you want some reassurance.

Etak15 Wed 08-Mar-17 12:25:55

It's normal to be so anxious I was super paranoid the whole of my pregnancy!! Never thought of how devastating a miscarriage would be until it happened I think makes it worse knowing it happens early on and you've been planning around and being excited for something that had already gone sad
Hope all goes well for you next time. flowers

emvy Wed 08-Mar-17 14:48:51

I just wanted to offer a reason for your miscarriage at 12 weeks when your pregnancy actually stopped progressing much earlier...

I've just had surgery after a mmc and at my appointment she explained why lots of women don't miscarry naturally straight away. Up until 12-14 weeks, your hormones are driving the pregnancy. Your body basically does everything it can to keep the pregnancy going, even when the baby itself cannot progress any further. Between 12-14 weeks the placenta takes over the job of driving the pregnancy. In a mmc, this doesn't happen because there is no placenta and the baby is passed. This explains why so many people either don't find out their pregnancy hadn't progressed for some time at their 12 week scan or miscarry so close to this date.

I know this makes no difference to the situation and doesn't take away the time you feel has been wasted, I just wanted to give you the medical reason as it helped me to understand why my body was still very much telling me I was pregnant when my babies had died (I had twins). I also know this wasn't what your post was about! In relation to that, I plan to book an 8 week private scan in my next pregnancy as waiting 12 weeks seems like an incredibly long wait. I'd like to wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy in the future.

JaneEyreFunfair Wed 08-Mar-17 15:29:35

Oh thank you, emvy! It does actually help quite a bit to hear that, for some weird reason. Maybe because it makes it seem more normal, and that my body was doing what it was supposed to under the circumstances.

emvy Wed 08-Mar-17 15:36:39

Yeah I felt that too JaneEyre. At least we can reassure ourselves that our bodies know what to do, even if our little beans weren't meant to be a part of this world this time around.

Highshelf Wed 08-Mar-17 15:41:39

In the north of England I've heard that if you have a high risk pregnancy, that includes miscarriages, then you are offered a scan at 7 weeks. On another note, I too had no symptoms and lost my pregnancy at 5 weeks (thought it was 8). I wonder if this is related?

Highshelf Wed 08-Mar-17 15:41:42

In the north of England I've heard that if you have a high risk pregnancy, that includes miscarriages, then you are offered a scan at 7 weeks. On another note, I too had no symptoms and lost my pregnancy at 5 weeks (thought it was 8). I wonder if this is related?

JaneEyreFunfair Wed 08-Mar-17 16:19:27

"I too had no symptoms and lost my pregnancy at 5 weeks (thought it was 8). I wonder if this is related?"

The leaflet I was given said one of the possible signs of a miscarriage is that pregnancy symptoms stop, so I thought it might be related. But the midwife told me that some women don't have many symptoms (and I personally know at least one who didn't, and had a successful pregnancy and health baby), and I have also read some posts on here from people who carried on having sickness/sore boobs/whatever right up to losing the pregnancy. So I don't think it necessarily follows either way.

emvy Wed 08-Mar-17 17:28:35

Yeah I think you're right. Everyone is so different, as is each individual pregnancy. We will always look for signs that something wasn't right as a way of trying to understand and overcome the shock.

Soulcakequack Wed 08-Mar-17 17:38:26

Hi Op I'm sorry for you loss its a horrid thing to go through.

I've had 3 miscarriages and the joy of two different Epu units. It's only a small sample but both offer early scan after multiple miscarrige ( 3 in a row) or an eptopic.

In my Epu are very over stretched and getting a referral can be hard. Also the waiting times can be long I waited 5 hours for a scan with my eptopic pregnancy.

If you can afford it I highly recommend getting an early scan privately (there are £40-80). The clinic I used so so kind, gave me a appointment at the end of day and let me wait away from other pregnant mums. With my son they spent ages offering all reassurance they could when that little heart beat flickered. And with loss they were gentle kind and helped me navigate the nhs care I then needed...

Smurf123 Wed 08-Mar-17 20:28:40

I have been told we can get a scan at 6 weeks from the epu next time and we don't need to go through gp we can just self refer by phoning epu directly to request a scan appointment. Was told this both times after our miscarriages.
Was told by one of the nurses if I go to hospital slightly outside the city next time round I can get scans every couple of weeks for reassurance but that the busier city hospital would prob see me once and then if happy enough refer me to regular antenatal clinic.

emvy Wed 08-Mar-17 20:51:33

Wow I've never heard of that before smurf! I guess it must really depend on where you are and how stretched the services are unfortunately. I wasn't offered a scan earlier for next time and wouldn't even have thought to ask. Was just planning on booking my own private one!

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