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BFP day before RMC

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MsJuniper Mon 06-Mar-17 15:45:58

Background story:

- 1 DS born in Autumn 2012 after 12 months ttc.
- started ttc #2 in 2014 and had BFP after 3 months but mc at 9 weeks in hospital. No chromosomal issues found.
- another 9wk mc the following Spring (ERPC)
- since then had 3 positive tests and missed periods but then positives faded and heavy-period-type bleed.

Other info: I am nearly 41 and already had high BMI but have put on a lot more weight since last year (lost a stone since Jan but still obese). I have a stressful job (head of charity in financial difficulty) but can't afford to give up work.

Been to GP 3 x since the summer asking for RMC referral but nothing ever came through. Finally the GP surgery chased and chased and an appt came through for Feb. This was then delayed until 7 March (i.e. tomorrow) and today I have had a BFP. It says on the letter to cancel appt but given that I will just mc again and the appt has taken 8 months to get and time is running short, should I just go? Should I tell them when I get there or will they test anyway? Could any of the tests potentially harm the pregnancy?

It's a stronger + than I've had in the last few pregnancies, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

NicolaC17 Mon 06-Mar-17 17:17:44

I can't offer any advice other than I have been to the hospital today for blood tests for RMC (18 vials in total) and was told it would be a 12 week wait before I got any results and an appointment at all the clinic. Have you had any initial blood tests? I would go if I was you and tell them if you need to, or even pretend you had no idea of they make you test. Least that way you get seen and might get a treatment plan that could result in a positive outcome.

Good Luck

TurquoiseDress Tue 07-Mar-17 01:38:01


Sorry to hear about your losses.
I would say still keep this appointment, it sounds like it has been a long long time coming.

They will most likely just do blood tests at this point, I imagine anything more invasive/procedures will need to be scheduled for another date.

Good luck!

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