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Possible miscarriage advice

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aimee2801 Sun 26-Feb-17 17:19:32

Sorry for long post I'm just hoping I can get some advice.
I had a month long "period" 31st dec-31st Jan I wasnt concerned I just didnt know what had caused it. I took a pregnancy test after this period which was negative. I then had pregnancy symptoms and took a test 13th Feb which dated me at least 5 weeks pregnant.
Started period like bleeding about 5 days ago, was concerned so booked an early scan for 24th feb. Just before scan I had blood gush out in one go it's returned to period like bleeding since then.
Scan dated me at 5-6 weeks with no heartbeat which either means my clearblue test was wrong and thats fine, it might just not have developed yet?
I'm just really concerned about the bleeding I'm currently having, and I dont know what to think about my bleeding 2 months ago, if it could be related to this pregnancy at all, or a seperate missed miscarriage?
I have another scan on Friday 3rd March to hopefully find that baby has grown and the heartbeat is there.. anyone have any advice or similar experiences that ended positively x

YouMeddlingKids Mon 27-Feb-17 12:20:30

Hi aimee, sorry you're going through this. No personal experience of a positive outcome with this I'm afraid, but you do hear of it. I can't think of any reason why the previous bleeding could be related to this pregnancy, have your periods been normal/regular in the past? Hope your scan goes well on the 3rd.

aimee2801 Mon 27-Feb-17 12:39:42

Hi yes always been very regular and normal. The only unusual bleeding I've ever had is the month long bleed through January and the bleeding I'm currently having. I just dont know what to think. Is it possible I had a missed miscarriage with the previous bleed? I will be asking my doctor but I just wish I had answers. X

YouMeddlingKids Mon 27-Feb-17 19:28:08

It could be, were you ttc at the time? That would be more likely than it being to do with the current pregnancy. Early miscarriages are sadly very common.

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