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Possible miscarriage

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ticktacktwinkletoes Fri 24-Feb-17 22:24:59

I've nc as have family/friends here who know my normal name.
I did a test 2 days ago, very very light positive. But thought I'd leave it a week before testing again. Yesterday I started bleeding very light pink, bleeding stopped, then I lost what I can only describe as the lining of a placenta (sausage skin type coating, long, thin almost thickish line of something that was quite firm to the touch with thread veins under the top layer) bleeding then stopped completely. This morning I had string "after pain" type pains in lower abdomen and thighs (only know this kind of pain from after having ds3) bleeding has continued like a heavy period, but keeps easing off every now and then. Should I wait until Monday for gp appt or take another test/ignore?
I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place to post.

Thingymaboob Sat 25-Feb-17 00:23:07

So sorry this has happened- see how you are over weekend then test again in a week

ticktacktwinkletoes Sat 25-Feb-17 01:22:04

Thankyou for your reply, just not sure if I should let gp know and get advice from them on Monday or just leave it?

GreyStars Sat 25-Feb-17 02:00:14

I've very sadly been in the position of having multiple mc, and I'm sorry to say what you have described is very similar to some of my very early loses, I'm so sorry flowers

In most cases, when I've had a bleed I have done a test the next morning and they have been negative, the hcg seems to leave very quickly - in what I have experienced.

At this stage (assuming the test was done early/on the day of your missed period, so very early days, if your further along the advise will be different) if it is a miscarriage there is nothing medically a doctor will be able to do for you, they just advise you to go home and look after yourself and do another test a few days later.

They will advise you to take another test in a few days to confirm it is negative, if you do get a light positive again the advise will be the same, wait for three days and test again. I would still go and see your doctor on Monday in either case just to talk about it as I of course don't know your history and they may advise you differently.

I'm sorry to give a negative view on what your going through, I'm just very sorry your in this situation, I really do keep everything crossed for you that everything is ok. If it is a miscarriage please be kind to yourself flowers even very early miscarriages take their toll and lots of kindness, love and support is needed x

Mummieslittlemonkeys Sat 25-Feb-17 12:35:43

Hi, I've just got back from hospital after bleeding, started very light and slowly getting heavier.. just waiting on my blood results to confirm my babies gone. I'm 6 weeks. I know exactly how your feeling!! Sending lots of love to you!! 💖💖

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