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EPRC on Thursday - will I make it?

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Mumtonone Fri 24-Feb-17 12:58:48

I have an EPRC scheduled for next week, this would be my preferred way to miscarry, however worried I won't make it till then.

Discharge is increasing, with colour moving from brown to more reddy-brown. I've had cramps on and off all morning, with waves of contractions - but no real bleeding.

I'm restricted to the house for fear that the miscarriage is imminent. I wouldn't ordinarily worry but it's my DS' 3rd birthday next week and I've got a massive party planned on Sunday; not to mention the thing I need to do before then.

I really want to go to the party and see his little face - he's all that's keeping me going at the moment.

Just want the miscarriage over and done with now, or to hold off until I can get the birthday out of the way. But know I have little control it either way.

What are people's experiences on timeframes?

JE17 Fri 24-Feb-17 13:26:25

Sorry to hear you're going through this.
I had had a scan on a Tuesday and was booked in for the following Monday. I got as far as Friday morning before the discharge began and by the afternoon i was bleeding very heavily. I ended up overnight in hospital and then felt very weak and flaky for a good few days afterwards.
I hope that things don't progress so quickly for you so that you can at least enjoy DS's party.

Mumtonone Sat 25-Feb-17 22:09:37

Thanks for your comments JE17, sorry you are experiencing this too.

Currently in hospital, admitted earlier today with severe cramps but little progression in passing anything. Morphine has helped, but cramps now subsided and no further forward.

Booked for EPRC tomorrow. Doctor has said if I'm lucky, I may get a morning appointment and if I have no adverse reaction to the anaesthetic, I may make DS' party. I have everything crossed!?!

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